About Us

About us

We international immigrants community, who help, educate and support each member of the community.

The idea of creating a GreenCardinUSA arose in connection with the growing need of many people for accurate and competent information related to the issues of obtaining US visas and immigration to the United States.

Basic on this we decided to tell you about it in the most possible easiest way. We already passed such steps. And wanna share our experience with you. Our geographic and ethnic scale is huge. Some of us from Russia, India, Europe, and Asia.

What we do

GreenCardinUSA – this is a virtual information compass created for the clear and operational orientation of users in the space of immigration services. We made this website a kind of directory and helper for new arrivals in the US and those who are planning to come here. On the other hand, the website will highlight all the bright moments of travel and events in the US, which we managed and will manage to visit in the future, in the other hand we collect here as much information about immigration as possible.

On the website, you will find the necessary information that will help you prepare for a visa, travel, study, work or immigrate to the USA.

We hope that the information will help you successfully solve your problems related to obtaining visas in the US, employment or immigration to the United States.

How can you help

  • When you are in a different country beginning a new life its necessary that someone who will understand you being around. It’s normal to seek a help. If you feel the passion to help an immigration newbie to pass through the all accommodation step or want to join our team as a volunteer – contact us.
  • If you are an immigration lawyer, who have abilities to help with the immigration process — contact us.
  • If you want to share with us your priceless experience, send us your cool story and we will publish it – contact us.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for how to improve our website – contact us.

The website constantly updated with new information. So check it out.