Green Card News Immigration News The USA is no more a «country of immigrants»

The USA is no more a «country of immigrants»

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The USCIS changed the mission message on its website, removing the phrase of “immigrant nation” from it.

A USCIS official source, whose name is not mentioned, told The Hill that the new description of the main goal was developed and presented by the agency’s director, Francis Cissna.

Earlier in the mission of the immigration service, the main accent was on the fact that the US is a nation of immigrants, and USCIS serves the country “by providing accurate and useful information to immigrants” and “provides an understanding of citizenship issues and the integrity of the immigration system policy.”

Now it sounds like this:
“The US Citizenship and Immigration Service controls the national legal immigration system, protecting its integrity and readiness, effectively and fairly considering requests for immigration benefits, protecting Americans, providing security and respecting our values.”

Cissna gave an exclusive comment to The Hill about the changes. The USCIS director referred to applicants and petitioners who emphasized “the final satisfaction of applicants and petitioners and not on the proper consideration of such applications and petitions in accordance with the law”.

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