USA Green Card Lottery Registration

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Each process of getting any type of visa starts from registration in the different ways. It may be a paperwork or electronic, sometimes you need to pass both of them. We are highly recommend to print all the forms which you download and upload to the electronic system during the period of getting your visa. It may help you to find needed information if there will be some troubles or missing papers which you already signed or sent.

There is no paper form for downloading for the green card application. There is only electronic system which is open for a special period of the time annually.

For each member who decide to participate the green card lottery program highly important to understand that there is only one official web service which provides official registration in the green card lottery.

All the other services which tells you they can help you to register for a special amount of money provides mostly fake information. American lottery green card registration well known worldwide. People know about the lottery green card free registration and join this process each year hoping for the win.

Here is a statistics that shows how many applicants joined the USA Green Card Lottery registration by years.

The registration process for a green card lottery consists from several steps.

  • Registration in the online system
  • Submitting the photos
  • Getting your personal number of confirmation
  • Waiting period
  • Checking the results

Registering for a green card lottery is just a first step you make in the visa process.

Where you can register for US Green Card Lottery?

Remember that fact the lottery for a green card is annually program and you can join it only once a year during short period of time. One more important fact that there is the one and the only web site which provides US green card lottery registration. Visit for the updates and registration in the green card lottery.


Internet is a global system with millions of similar websites. No exceptions for the official resources as a copies like fakes. You can find thousands web projects which looks like official and provides mostly the same information as well. Even more, you will find it easy to get into the trap searching for the easiest ways of getting visas. There are so many sites which will get your money and won’t help at all. Be careful signing up to the sites and filling up your personal data anywhere. Sometimes such websites truly helps people with their information and that is good. You can read and make conclusions about visa laws, types and rules having a background knowledges from different resources. Some sites will propose to you to fill up the forms to check if you are eligible for a green card visa. That is ok but be careful fulfilling the forms with your personal information especially when the site asks you to type the passport data, your credit or debit card numbers, home address or even your phone number. That might be a bot which is collecting information for the further exploitation.

Here is simple rules for the cases you might meet via the Internet, searching for the help with a green card visa registration:

  • Check if the site is official – there might be an official disclaimer and the ending of the name of the each official sites ends with .gov
  • If site asks the payment for the registration in green card lottery – it is a fake service
  • If you see that site propose the registration during the whole year – it is fake service

The Department of State and the Federal Trade Commission have warned that some of these businesses falsely claim to increase someone’s chances of winning the lottery, or that they are affiliated with the U.S. government.

There have also been numerous cases of fraudulent emails and letters which falsely claim to have been sent by the Department of State and that the recipient has been granted a Permanent Resident Card. These messages prompt the recipients to transfer a “visa processing fee” as a prerequisite for obtaining a “guaranteed” green card. The messages are sometimes sent to people who never participated in the lottery and can look trustworthy as they contain the recipient’s exact name and contact details and what appears to be a legal notice.