Green Card News US Department declare of restarting “Green Card Lottery – 2019”

US Department declare of restarting “Green Card Lottery – 2019”

Green Card lottery

Registration of applications 2019, better known as the “green card”, this year started on October 3.

However, the US authorities were forced to announce the restart of the lottery – the filing of applications begins on October, 18 and ends on November, 22.

This is due to technical problems, which had, now eliminated.

Applications submitted from 3 to 10 October, were found invalid, they were excluded from the system repeated applications will not be considered duplicate” — says the website of the US State Department.

Technical problems have been eliminated, the new full application submission period will begin at noon on Standard Eastern Time (EST) on Wednesday October 18, 2017 and will finish at noon on the Eastern Standard Time on November 22, 2017.

The State Department recommends applicants “throw out” any supporting documents and numbers relating to applications filed from 3 till 10 October.

The State Department will send an automatically generated e-mail message to each applicant registered in the program on 3-10 October, so they need visit Diversity visa official website and get acquainted with important information.

At this time, the State Department cannot say how many applications were lost as in result of the technical malfunction and how many applicants will submit new applications. It is also specified that the problem was the result of a hacker attack.

The visa lottery already had technical problems in 2011, when the Bureau of Consular Affairs annulled all the results, finding that the choice of winning bids was not accidental. Then the State Department said that the problem was caused mainly by insufficiently thorough checking of software before the lottery.

For those wishing to obtain a residence permit in the United States that doesn’t have relatives or employers in the country and who are not refugees, to take a part in visa lottery is the only option. To participate, you must have a certificate of completion of secondary school or several years of work experience.

If the application is valid, the number is successful, and the applicant meets other requirements for potential immigrants, he will need to independently find the means to move to the US. Participants in the visa lottery make up a small share in the annual flow of immigrants, but it is higher than the share of other key elements of the program, such as working immigrant visas.

Applications for participation in the DV-2019 must be submitted electronically on the official website from 12:00 am Eastern Daylight Time on October 3, 2017 till 12:00 Eastern Standard Time on November 7, 2017.

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