Green Card News USA Ends Participation in Global Compact on Migration

USA Ends Participation in Global Compact on Migration

Global Compact on Migration

Some provisions of the compact contradict the interests of the country and the policy of the current Trump administration, the US Permanent Mission to the United Nations stated. The United States announced this refusal to participate in the global migration compact, since it “does not meet the interests of the country.” This was stated by the US Permanent Mission to the UN on Saturday, December 2.

The United States authorities declared the non-compliance of the global compact on migration agreement with national interests and refused to participate in it. The corresponding decision was announced by the US Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

“Today, the US mission to the UN informed the UN Secretary General that the United States is stopping its participation in the global compact on migration agreement,” the report said.

Representatives of Washington emphasize that many provisions of the treaty do not meet the US migration policy and the principles of the administration of President Donald Trump.

“Our decisions on immigration policy should always be taken only by Americans and exclusively for Americans. We decide how we better protect the borders and who to admit into the country, “commented the decision of the US permanent representative to the UN Nikki Haley.

Washington joined the process of drafting the treaty in 2016, when the country was headed by former President Barack Obama.

On November 14, the Court of Appeals of the ninth US District ruled on the partial entry into force of the US President’s migration decree, Donald Trump. The law prohibits the entry of Iranian, Yemeni, Libyan, Syrian, Somali and Chad nationals into the country.

About New York Declaration of Refugees

According to the New York Declaration, UN member states intended to bring their national laws in line with international law, review migration policies, combat xenophobia, racism and any discrimination against refugees, expand programs for the reception of settlers, promote family reunification and job placement for refugees.

In accordance with the declaration, in April 2017, the process of intergovernmental negotiations began, which should culminate in the claim at the international conference in 2018 of a “global compact of safe, orderly and regulated migration.”

The UN member states also agreed to “proclaim in 2018 of a global compact for refugees.” At the heart of the future document, the declaration says, there will be a set of measures aimed at “easing the burden on the host countries, increasing the self-sufficiency of refugees, increasing the opportunities for attracting third countries,” and also contributing to the creation of conditions for the safe return of people to their homeland.

It is expected that after the intergovernmental negotiations in 2018 a global treaty on safe, orderly and regulated migration will be signed.

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