Green Card News Green Card News Trump’s new immigration reforms will cancel Green Card lottery

Trump’s new immigration reforms will cancel Green Card lottery

Trump's shutdown

On Monday Trump presented a new immigration reforms, which will cancel DV lottery — Green Card

White House announced alternative program for the protection against the deportation of illegal immigrants which have come to the country as minors.
On Monday, January 29, the United States is preparing to submit a new immigration edict, built on four fundamental elements, TASS reported citing a statement by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

“This concept will include four determined fundamental elements: ensuring security at the borders and eliminating loopholes in legislation, stopping the chain migration (when migrant family members move to the country where they work), canceling the visa lottery and permanent DACA decision,” – said Sanders.

According to her, the preparation of the document was preceded by the meetings of Donald Trump with representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties and numerous discussions on immigration reforms.

“The White House on Monday will extend the concept of the enactment, which being as a compromise for Trump’s immigration policy, and which both parties can support, we will urge the Senate to put the document to the vote,” Sanders said.

At the same time, she refused to comment on how the presidential administration decided to settle the issue with the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The program, also known as Dreamers, which protects illegal immigrants, which have entered on the territory of the US as minors from deportation.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, January 24, for the first time talked about the possibility of a “generation of dreamers” in the future to obtain US citizenship, reports DW.

“That this changes will worked need some time, this will happen in 10 or 12 years,” said the leader of the country, addressing journalists, thereby recognizing these immigrants as part of American society.

It is this issue in the immigration reform that caused the most disagreement between the Republicans and the Democrats. Last week, because of this, they even refused to approve the resolution on the extension of the interim financing of the federal government, as a result, appeared such phenomena so-called “shutdown” for three days in the country, when the authorities and state institutions stopped working due to lack of funding.

Recently, a federal court in San Francisco, California, blocked Trump’s decision to terminate the DACA program, thus delaying the possible deportation for over 750,000 illegal immigrants who were taken to the US by children.

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