Green Card News Trump and shutdown 2.0 : to be or not to be

Trump and shutdown 2.0 : to be or not to be


Trump admitted the possibility of the shutdown of the Government in the absence of agreement on immigration

Congressmen still cannot agree on a budget due to disagreements over immigration reform

President of the USA Donald Trump admitted the possibility of shutdown the government if Congress does not support his plans for immigration, calling such a step “justified” in the interests of the country.

Trump made this statement after a meeting with law enforcement about the fight against the criminal group Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).

The President has repeatedly spoken about the crimes committed by immigrants as one of the reasons for the need for immigration reforms, which, in his opinion, should include the strengthening of border security, as well as the abolition of the immigration program for human whose relatives live in the US and visa lottery in favor of the system, based on merit.

“If we do not change the legislation and we do not eliminate these loopholes, thanks to which killers came into our country and continue to kill – members of criminal groups. And it’s not just about MS-13. There are many criminal groups that we do not even mention. If we do not change this, let the government to shutdown, “Trump said.

The current short-term government financing bill expires at midnight on Thursday. In mid-January, due to disagreements on immigration, a three-day has already happened shutdown for the government – the first since 2013.

Several Democrats criticized Trump’s statements.

“No one should want shutdown of the government, especially the president of the United States,” said Sen. Mark Warner.

Secretary of the minority party in the House of Representatives Steny Hoyer called Trump’s position “irresponsible.”

White House spokeswoman Sarah Hakabi Sanders said: “The president does not support the idea of shutdown the government, it’s the fault of democrats who are not doing their job. The president wants a long-term agreement and an agreement on immigration. And we hope that the democrats will sit at the negotiating table and carry out these tasks.”

Later, the White House published a statement in which they expressed their readiness to support a short-term financing bill that will provide to the government with funds until March, 23 to give legislators more time to develop an agreement on immigration.

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