Green Card News Trump freesing a Green Card Lottery after terract

Trump freesing a Green Card Lottery after terract

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In social media, appeared new details in investigation of the terrorist attack in New York.

So, it became known that Shaiful Saipov acted under the influence of the video of the forbidden terroristic group calling IGIL.

He watched them on the phone and began planning the attack almost a year ago. On October 22, he rented a truck to practice the turns.

President of the USA Donald Trump on the background of the investigation promised to develop measures that would help prevent such events in the future.

The terrorist attack in New York was expected to provoke a new discussion on the lottery issue of a residence permit, the famous green card.

It is known that Green Card allowed the terrorist Saipov to enter the United States. Donald Trump expressly declares, he wants to abandon this practice and replace it with another. In order to invite to the States not all in a row, but only the elite.

“A lottery in support of diversity.” Sounds good, but it’s not good, and it never was. “We’re against it.” So, we want to immediately start working with Congress to get rid of this lottery. We need another program based on merit, at which people will be invited to our country on the basis of merit, ” — says Trump.

The same, but in short, Trump wrote on his Twitter, once again noting that the New York terrorist entered the country on a green card.

He called green Card program “the beauty Chuck Schumer” — senator from the Democratic Consignment, an active critic of the president himself and the lobbyist of this lottery. He did not remain in debt and convened his own press conference.

“It’s time to stop writing on Twitter and being a leader of the country. The people need a leader, not someone who splits, who points with his finger and shifts the blame. A tragedy happened. But the best thing which president could do is increase the funding of programs on the fight against terrorism,” — retorts Chuck Schumer, senator from the US Democratic Consignment.

Sumer calls to stop pointing, but he does exactly the same. In the tragedy in Manhattan, he blames rivals from the Republican Consignment that they didn’t support the multimillion-dollar costs of counter-terrorism.

Which recently were offered by democrats. A lottery, he says, cannot be forbidden. Republican senators not agree.

He says: at least needed tighten checks of those who intend to come in USA through Green Card Lottery.

“We need to eliminate the lottery. When it comes to providing visas to people from risky areas, it’s perfectly normal to look long and carefully at who exactly comes, ” — says Lindsey Graham, senator from the US Republican Consignment.

Terrorists who entered the States on a green card – a phenomenon, to put it mildly, is not new. Here is the 2002 survey. According to him, eleven terrorists won a residence permit in the US.

Including those who in the nineties tried to blow up the building of the World Trade Center. A more recent study for the year 2015. The number of terrorists lucky in the lottery has grown to 54 already.

At the same time, sociologists emphasize that these 54 are only a negligible percentage of millions of law-abiding Americans.

Moreover, as of 2015, only eight American citizens were killed by the hands of these terrorists.

Probably, new supporters of the Green Card program will also resort to the same figures.

However, the position of opponents is known: any victims are unacceptable. So, the lottery, at least, freeze. As long as the White House and the Republican majority of Congress are inclined to this.

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