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Advance Parole

Waiting for a green card is a long and painful process. Especially if there were some unfinished business behind the ocean. It is necessary to put the completion of these cases and the opportunity to return to America on the scales.

After leaving the country, you can for a long time lose the opportunity to return: with an expired visa, with a no longer valid ESTA and with a note of violation of the visa regime back to the US may simply not admit.

However, there is an opportunity to protect yourself by issuing a special temporary travel document (it will be correct to call his application for return entry to the US territory or Advance Parole). To do this, fill out the I-131 form for Advance Parole.

Just note – a document for travel (Travel Document) cannot get everyone who is waiting for a green card. For example, if you came to the United States with a non-immigrant visa as a tourist, but you meet the love of your life here, were married and submitted to a green card, you can only take a ticket to one way.

Requirements for Travel Document Advance Parole

To apply for a temporary travel document, you must meet two requirements:

  1. You must be in the US for a visa H-1 / H-4, L-1 / L-2, K-3 / K-4 or V-2 / V3;
  2. Your case should already be open in the USCIS, that is, your request for a residence permit (I-485) or petition I-821.

When you receive Advance Parole, you will be able to leave in case of emergency and then easily enter the US, while your receipt of the residence permit is in the stage of registration.

Important nuance: if you have received an application for a return entry, you not only guarantee yourself the opportunity to re-enter the US, but you will be sure that during your absence, the application that is being considered by the immigration service is not canceled. The fact is that if you left the US, the immigration service can accept a departure for refusing to receive a green card.

If by submitting the immigration form I-485, you are already sure that you will need to leave the US for the time being, you can apply for Advance Parole at the same time with the entire package of documents. Nevertheless, if this need happened spontaneously, then the application can be submitted later.

It is worth considering that to consider your application may be up to six months. However, if in another country, in fact, an emergency happened, this must necessarily be written when filing and confirm the situation. Then your application can be considered in an accelerated manner.

For example, attach a certificate of illness or death to a relative if this caused an urgent departure. All documents required for completing the I-131 form must be translated into English.

For filing enough photocopies of documents, but be prepared for the fact that you may require an original. After the decision on your request is accepted, the originals will return to you.

When the document is ready, it will be sent by mail to the house. The validity period of Advance Parole is 2 years. If you want to extend it, you need to return to the US and apply for a second application. This is an important nuance: you can apply for a document for re-entry only if you are in the United States.

Because a person must come personally and hand over fingerprints. Nevertheless, when the prints have already been handed over, you can leave the US. The main thing is to indicate in the application that you will get the Advance Parole at the US Embassy in another country and submit it no later than 60 days before your departure.

Refugee Travel Document

Separately, it should be noted those who came as a refugee and apply for a return entry to the United States. Even if you are given an Advance Parole, but you went to the country you left for the sake of asylum, you may not be allowed back into America.

The CBG Immigration Inspector (Customs and Border Guard) will decide whether to let you in, and you will have to prove what caused the trip to the country from which you are applying for protection.

If, for example, you had to go because of the death of a close relative, the inspector can make a decision in your favor and let in the US, but the situation is very delicate and risky.

For those who entered the US as a refugee, there is another type of travel document – Refugee Travel Document. To receive it, the same I-131 form is filled. Such a document is necessary for those refugees who have already received a green card, but cannot obtain their own country’s passport, and traveling abroad is necessary.

Fee and cost of the Advance Parole

For the registration of Advance Parole is collected a fee of $ 360. Persons from 14 to 79 years old must pass fingerprints and pay for the collection of biometric data $ 85.

Refugee Travel Document charges $ 135 for the collection of biometric data, $ 85 for individuals from 16 to 79 years, and $ 105 (plus $ 85 for collecting biometric data) for individuals aged 14 and 15.

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