Green Card News TOP 5 must-have apps for illegal immigrants

TOP 5 must-have apps for illegal immigrants

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Attempts by President Donald Trump’s administration to get rid of illegal immigrants have frightened millions of people who are now unsure of their future in the United States. They came to the aid of programmers who create programs and applications to help illegal immigrants.
The CNN publication collected a list of the most necessary and effective of such proposals.

1. Notifica
With the help of this application, immigrants who have been the object of a raid by the Immigration and Customs Service can send a special message to 15 personal contacts at the push of a button. The application has not been launched yet, but on the waiting list there are already 7,000 people wishing to download it.
The creator of the program Adrian Reina himself is an illegal and he considers it very important to be able to inform the druses and relatives about the troubles with the immigration police or detention.
According to him, the application will guarantee the safety of immigrants and their contacts. Messages are encrypted, and all entries disappear after the message is sent.

2. Arrived
It is a hub of different resources for immigrants. He reports the latest news on immigration issues and explains to users the legal aspects of the deportation process and their rights in the US. The app also offers English lessons, answers to popular search queries among immigrants – for example, “how to write a resume”, and also contains a map showing immigrant nongovernmental organizations, immigration lawyers offices and refuge cities.
Arrived was created by 2 Google employees, William McLaughlin and Eduardo Gaytan, who in due time also went through all the difficulties of immigration.

3. Tarjimly
This robot working through Facebook. Connected 2 thousands translator-volunteer with immigrants and refugees in real time mode. The touch between immigrants and volunteer are anonymous, evaluable information about translator is name of volunteer. Other information can be provided by themselves in private conversation.

4. Cell 411
This application was not designed specifically for illegal immigrants, but now it has the functions necessary for immigrants. The program allows you to contact relatives and friends in case an immigrant has problems with an immigration officer.
The application allows users to broadcast and record live videos that can not be deleted by extraneous users of the phone. It can also send GPS-coordinates of the phone to its trusted contacts.
The number of Hispanics who downloaded this application has grown significantly since the inauguration of Trump, now it is used by 72,000 people.

5. RedadAlertas
The release of this application is expected in the near future. It will provide users with verified information about the ICE raids and the places where they appear in the user’s area. Immigrants located within a radius of 15-30 km from the site of raids will receive special warnings.
The application will also mobilize lawyers and journalists so that they can come to the aid of immigrants

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