Green Card News The US applications for Diversity Visa Lottery 2019 freezing

The US applications for Diversity Visa Lottery 2019 freezing

Diversity Visa Lottery 2019

The US freezing accepting applications for Diversity Visa Lottery 2019 because of technical problems which appeared shortly after the program began.

On the website of the US Embassy in Ecuador, it is reported that due to technical problems, the DV-2019 registration period begins anew and all applications submitted from October 3, 2017 will need to be filed again.

The new registration period for DV-2019 supposed to be opens at 11:00, on Wednesday, October 18. 2017 and closes at 11:00 on Wednesday, November 22. 2017.

Online registration for the Green Card lottery started on October 3, 2017, but after few days of start of the application process, the process was stopped. As it turned out, all previously submitted applications were canceled.
If a person applied till October 18, 2017, this application it does not count. The new questionnaire will not be considered like duplicate and in this case will not be entails by a disqualification. But those who submitted more than one application during the new registration period will be disqualified for good.

All other requirements for participation in the lottery remain unchanged.

According to the Pew Research Center, in fiscal year 2015 (the latest year with available detailed data on applications from countries), about 12% of the 14.4 million people applying for the lottery were citizens of Ghana (1,7 million). Another 10%, or about 1.4 million candidates, were from Uzbekistan. The third place was taken by Ukraine with about 1.3 million applicants.

By the number of winners Ukraine entered to the top-ten, taking the eighth position. In the 2016 financial year, the leader was Nepal (3210 visas for immigrants). Egypt was also ahead of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and the Sudan.

The immigrant visa program in the US (known as the Green Card), threatened with liquidation under several bills under consideration by the Congress, attracted more than 156 million applicants from around the world over the past decade. Only a small part of these applicants eventually received visas.

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