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move to the usa

TOP 10 reasons not move to the USA

Everyone experiences immigration in different ways: one has an easy transition and causes methamphetamine euphoria, the other turns into a tragedy of all life. The...
requirements for k1 visa interview

Preparing and applying process for Fiance Visa (K1 visa)

Petition for Fiance visa process Questions on the K1 visa interview Cost of Fiance visa K-1 Processing time for Fiance Visa (K1 Visa) Earlier...
P vvisa for artists

Sportsman and Artists visa (P Visa)

Visa P-1 for internationally famous sportsman and artists Visa P-2 for international exchange of artists Visa P-3 for unique cultural programs Visa P-4...
trump"s immigration policy 2018

US Republicans presented a new act of immigration policy

"We are here to promote immigration reform on a bipartisan basis, which will serve to the needs of American families, workers, taxpayers. I believe...
immigrant status USA

Immigrants refusing of food coupons, because afraid of deportation

Immigrants who previously received food stamps (SNAP) in the United States began to abandon them after the inauguration of Donald Trump, fearing that this...
student visa in USA

Student Visa to the USA

How to get a student visa in the US? What kind of necessary documents for a Student visa in the US are needed ...
Global Compact on Migration

USA Ends Participation in Global Compact on Migration

Some provisions of the compact contradict the interests of the country and the policy of the current Trump administration, the US Permanent Mission to...
usa immiration policy history

The origins history of United States Immigration Policy

Illegal migrants in USA How "American dream" appeared How West influence on modern immigration policies in USA The modern changes in history...
trump H-1B visa

Trump administration makes getting of H-1B visas difficult

Trump administration makes difficult to issue visas for professional workers from abroad The administration does not amend the existing legislation requiring approval of the Congress,...
immigration usa

USA Immigration Visa

How to come to the US as an immigrant? How many immigrants are allowed in the US annually? Family Immigration Immigration for the...