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united states of america permanent resident card

US Permanent Resident Card

The conditions for getting the US permanent residency card Video — U.S. Permanent Residence Immigration Requirements Status adjustment— become a citizen of the...
green card fake

Important! Beware of fake Green Card Lottery Websites

What you can do to avoid the scam In case if you already get spam letters: list of steps The era of the Internet...
permanent residency in usa

What is the permanent residency US?

Rights of permanent residents (holders of green cards, or green cards) Responsibility of permanent residence USA When does the resident residency status in...
P vvisa for artists

Sportsman and Artists visa (P Visa)

Visa P-1 for internationally famous sportsman and artists Visa P-2 for international exchange of artists Visa P-3 for unique cultural programs Visa P-4...
refugee in USA

Apply for asylum in US

Regarding advices in the formation of the case From what is the case for political asylum in the US consist of Where do...
asylum USA

Asylum to the USA: reality 2019

Who can get political asylum in the US Only five reasons can provide the status of refugee in the US Three necessary conditions...
insurance in US

Insurance in USA

What is medical insurance and who needs it? How to get medical insurance? What are the types of health insurance? What are the...
Fiance Visa After Marriage

Fiance Visa After Marriage

Filling the petition for Fiance Visa After Marriage How much cost K1 Fiance Visa after marriage Next steps for Fiance Visa process after...
Family Green Card

Family Green Card 2018

Obtaining a residence permit in the US through family reunification is one of the most common ways of immigration to the US. If you...
k1 visa requirements

Requirements for Fiancee Visa

In order to begin the process of issuing a bride / groom visa, you must live outside the US. You must reach a certain age...