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Green card in the USA

Permanent Resident Card Renewal Process

How is the Permanent Resident Card restored if you are not in the USA What to do in case of rejection of renewal...
How to get a certificate of US citizenship in 2018

Certificate of the US Citizenship — procedure of obtaining

Filling the N-400 immigration form Interviews and exams on history and English Video — US Citizenship Naturalization Test 2018 (OFFICIAL 100 TEST QUESTIONS...
Prepare Application for Naturalization. US Citizenship Application

Apply for US Citizenship — step by step

When can I apply for citizenship: requirements for candidates Applying for US Citizenship: common rules The final stage Useful tips — how to...
permanent resident card application

Application for a Permanent Resident Card

What is a Permanent Resident Card? What advantages does PR Card grant Obligations and limitations of the PR Card owner Ways of application...
united states of america permanent resident card

US Permanent Resident Card

The conditions for getting the US permanent residency card Video — U.S. Permanent Residence Immigration Requirements Status adjustment— become a citizen of the...
move to the usa

TOP 10 reasons not move to the USA

Everyone experiences immigration in different ways: one has an easy transition and causes methamphetamine euphoria, the other turns into a tragedy of all life. The...
the american dream

US Citizenship: 4 methods to become an American citizen

Many people dream of obtaining US citizenship, and for this, there are various ways that you can take advantage of. In most cases, people...
green card fake

Important! Beware of fake Green Card Lottery Websites

What you can do to avoid the scam In case if you already get spam letters: list of steps The era of the Internet...
permanent residency in usa

What is the permanent residency US?

Rights of permanent residents (holders of green cards, or green cards) Responsibility of permanent residence USA When does the resident residency status in...
P vvisa for artists

Sportsman and Artists visa (P Visa)

Visa P-1 for internationally famous sportsman and artists Visa P-2 for international exchange of artists Visa P-3 for unique cultural programs Visa P-4...