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Student visa USA

Come as student stay as wife

Mom in my childhood always told me that you need to grow up a person whom you will respect. What strives for more is...
how to migrate to usa

10 ways to stay legally in The USA

Win in the Diversity Lottery Ask for political asylum Get married with American citizen Study in US Family reunification To get a job...
requirements for k1 visa interview

Preparing and applying process for Fiance Visa (K1 visa)

Petition for Fiance visa process Questions on the K1 visa interview Cost of Fiance visa K-1 Processing time for Fiance Visa (K1 Visa) Earlier...
Fiance Visa After Marriage

Fiance Visa After Marriage

Filling the petition for Fiance Visa After Marriage How much cost K1 Fiance Visa after marriage Next steps for Fiance Visa process after...
k1 visa requirements

Requirements for Fiancee Visa

In order to begin the process of issuing a bride / groom visa, you must live outside the US. You must reach a certain age...
fiance visa K1

Fiance Visa (K1)

What documents are needed to file a petition for the fiance K1 visa? Submit a petition You sent the petition, what next The...