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Affidavit of Support Household Member - general information

Affidavit of Support Household Member

Who qualifies as sponsor for I-864A Form Actions in case Intending Immigrant Can Serve as a Household Member Requirements of sponsorship There are many...
Application for Employment Authorization

Application for Employment Authorization

Filling out the form — step by step Required documents for Application for Employment Authorization Before receiving a green card, immigrants wishing to work...
The I-130 Form — Petition For Alien Relative

I-130 Form — Petition For Alien Relative

Conditions of family reunification in the USA Video — How to fill out Form I-130 in 2018 Procedure for obtaining a Green...
How to get a certificate of US citizenship in 2018

Certificate of the US Citizenship — procedure of obtaining

Filling the N-400 immigration form Interviews and exams on history and English Video — US Citizenship Naturalization Test 2018 (OFFICIAL 100 TEST QUESTIONS...
Prepare Application for Naturalization. US Citizenship Application

Apply for US Citizenship — step by step

When can I apply for citizenship: requirements for candidates Applying for US Citizenship: common rules The final stage Useful tips — how to...
permanent resident card application

Application for a Permanent Resident Card

What is a Permanent Resident Card? What advantages does PR Card grant Obligations and limitations of the PR Card owner Ways of application...
immigration policy

The USA is no more a «country of immigrants»

The USCIS changed the mission message on its website, removing the phrase of "immigrant nation" from it. A USCIS official source, whose name is not...
the american dream

US Citizenship: 4 methods to become an American citizen

Many people dream of obtaining US citizenship, and for this, there are various ways that you can take advantage of. In most cases, people...
what is lgbtq mean

Emergency sites for LGBT members

The organization which can help newcomer members of LGBT community Company, which specialized in medical care and can provide a medical support Work...
how to migrate to usa

10 ways to stay legally in The USA

Win in the Diversity Lottery Ask for political asylum Get married with American citizen Study in US Family reunification To get a job...