Green Card News Green Card News Submit application to replace Permanent Resident Card via phone

Submit application to replace Permanent Resident Card via phone


The US Permanent residents now can submit online form I-90 to replace the green card without a lawyer help or an accredited representative and fully download all necessary documents and evidence by using a mobile device.

Redesign of the online form I-90 also simplifies the navigation on the form page on the site and makes the process of replacing the green card more convenient, said the press service of the USCIS reports.

The new mobile interactive form design provides an intuitive way to answer questions, navigate through sections and download additional data on the mobile device.

When you are submitting form I-90, certain evidence of US resident status is required, such as a copy of the identity card issued by the US government. For those who send the form via a mobile device, downloading a copy is easier, because they can take a photo of the identity and upload it to the site directly from mobile devices.

No changes in the rules for filling out or submitting the form, the questions in the mobile form completely coincide with the questions contained in the paper version of I-90.

You can access the online form of I-90 through the portal myUSCIS under the link. Having created an account there, you can not only fill out the form, but also track the status of the application.

Applicants who want to file Form I-90 with the assistance of an attorney or an accredited representative must continue to use the previous version of the online form I-90.

More information about this form and the filling rules are available at the link.

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