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Requirements for Fiancee Visa

k1 visa requirements

In order to begin the process of issuing a bride / groom visa, you must live outside the US.

You must reach a certain age for marriage, provide by the permanent resident of the US citizen (Illinois is 17 years old, California is 18 years old). If you were married before, you need give proof of the termination of previous marital relations in the form of a court decision on divorce, recognition of marriage not valid, or death certificate.

You should have an intention to marry a US citizen within 90 days of your entry into the US. If you don’t register your marriage within 90 days, you automatically lose your legal status for staying in the country.

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You suppose meet personally at least once during last 2 years before submitting a petition for the issuance of K1 visa. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, you have the right to file a waiver application on the basis of the following conditions:

  • if the fulfillment of this requirement leads to violation of strict and long-established customs of culture and morals regarding the prohibition to see you before marriage, or your groom / bride;
  • if meeting this requirement will lead to the fact that you will encounter extreme difficulties (“extreme hardship”);
  • you don’t have a history of violation of US immigration law. For example, the fact that you exceed your time in the US outside the permitted time of stay in America can adversely affect the issuance of a bride’s visa.

Since the groom submits a petition, he is legally called a petitioner, and the bride — the beneficiary.

    1. The petitioner must be a citizen of America, because just a permanent resident of the USA (the holder of a green card, is not eligible to apply for a visa to the bride).
    2. The petitioner (US citizen) and the beneficiary (bride) must be free to marry. Therefore, if one of them was previously in a marriage, then he must be divorced or a widow (widower). In any case, the marriage must be annulled in a legal way.
    3. The petitioner and the bride can marry after staying for 90 days of the bride in the US.
    4. The groom and the bride must have a personal meeting in the last two years before the petition is filed. There are some exceptions to this requirement, but they are very difficult to achieve. Such reasons as the strong employment of the petitioner at work, children, elderly parents, are not accepted for exception from this requirement.
    5. A US petitioner must have a minimum remuneration, (subsistence level), the amount of which is set by the US Congress in February of each year. The current subsistence level is as follows:
      Numbers of family members 48 continental states and D.C. Alaska Hawaii
      1 $ 9,570 $11,950 $11,010
      2 $12,830 $16,030 $14,760
      3 $16,090 $20,110 $18,510
      4 $19,350 $24,190 $22,260
      5 $22,610 $28,270 $26,010
      6 $25,870 $32,350 $29,760
      7 $29,130 $36,430 $33,510
      8 $32,390 $40,510 $37,260
      For each additional family member, add $3,260 $4,080 $3,750
    6. In case the petitioner’s income is not sufficient, he is allowed to find a co-sponsor who has the required income. It is necessary that the income of the co-sponsor be sufficient for all members of his family, not excluding himself.
    7. The bride must no have various criminal records, arrests or convictions. But some arrests and convictions do not fall under these demands. In such cases, a qualified lawyer is required to help you decide whether to file a petition.
    8. The bride is obliged to undergo medical examination in one of the medical institutions authorized by the US embassy. Bride shouldn’t have any of communication problems and serious disturbance, of the psyche.

Vaccination requirements for K 1 visa

Requirements for vaccination apply to all persons applying for immigrant visas, including also foster children. Vaccination will be included in the medical examination procedure.

Everyone applying for a visa must present to the doctor of the medical commission all the medical documents in which the passed vaccinations are listed; cases in which those who are being treated have been transferred to a disease that is prevented by vaccination; and medical indications that may affect the passage of vaccination.

Without a documentary confirmation of the information provided by applicants about the passage of vaccination, the transferred diseases or allergies to certain vaccines, the medical commission doctor will not consider the vaccination requirement fulfilled.

If during the medical examination the medical commission doctor decides that the person applying for a visa has not fulfilled the requirements for vaccination, then the appropriate vaccinations can be made by the referring doctor, or by a private doctor (at the option of applying for a visa). If a person applying for a visa chooses to be vaccinated by a doctor who is not part of the medical commission, he will need to provide the medical doctor with a documentary certificate of vaccination.

Requirements for vaccination: in some cases, vaccinations should be done in series / courses. If the person who started the course of vaccinations and by the time of the medical examination did not yet have to do another vaccination, it would be considered that the applicant complied with the requirement for vaccination.

Vaccine Age groups requiring vaccination
Against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis from 2 months. till 6 y.o
Against tetanus-diphtheria from7 y.o and older
Against poliomyelitis from 2 month till 17 y.o
Against measles, mumps, rubella from 1 year to 64 years (for those who was born after 1956)

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