Green Card Other Request Records from USCIS – FOIA

Request Records from USCIS – FOIA

Request Records from USCIS – FOIA

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act Freedom of Information Act) – federal law of the US, according to which all documents and materials collected by federal authorities are available to all comers in compliance with certain rules and clearly stipulated restrictions. The law came into force in 1967.

An important detail, if you have citizenship or if you have a GC as providing you with a PR status of the US, you are entitled to apply for immigration files filed with third-party applications, other people, on condition that the immigrant’s request, which you need, this person gives his consent to the search.

If you search for someone else’s file, when you agree with the person whose file you need, you have a specific opportunity to obtain certain documents or, in some cases, a full copy of the immigration document.

The main reasons for requesting FOIA

Quite often lawyers dealing with immigration procedures and processes are filing an FOIA request to provide information about their clients’ immigration history, this whole procedure is carried out in order to obtain complete information available for conducting and providing informed legal advice in order to inform the immigrant of all the nuances and details.

The FOIA request provides full information, and, equally important, you can get information that has been submitted for a long time by a member of your family who once immigrated to the US.

A person has the right to file an FOIA request for:

  • To receive your own immigration records
  • To obtain immigrant records of another person, with the consent of this person
  • To correct submitted entries

Examples where you need an FOIA request

We have some real examples, according to which people made the FOIA requesting process:

  • You have lost a copy of the submitted Form I-485, which was filed personally by me many years ago. How can I get a copy? All you have to do is submit and fill in the form of the G-639 requesting the issuance of copies of the I-485 forms you submit, which contain your name and your number.
  • For example, my brother traveled from Italy in 1973 and emigrated to the US. As a close relative, I have a desire to get more detailed immigration information about his family history. How can you find out about this immigration information to the US of America? You need to submit a Form G-639 with a request that refers to a complete alien’s file of your brother and contains a specific request for all copies of records that contain his name and his data to obtain the necessary immigration information.
  • A simple case, your visa has expired and your deportation procedure is possible. How to find out if I’m being deported by the USCIS. You need this information in order to prevent the process of your deportation. You will need to submit a Form G-639 with a request to issue your file that will contain a complete package of information, through which you have the opportunity to correct all errors and prevent thUS.ocess of deportation from the US .
  • You need to find out when your relative was US citizenship after immigrating from Poland in the 1960s. How can you get all information and evidence about giving US citizenship to your relative? All are pretty simple, you need to submit the G-639 form to process the file request, which contains the complete immigration information about your relative, specific data, you will be given a request for all copies of the records relating to him and his citizenship.

Fee and cost of request FOIA

Guided by a law that guarantees freedom of information and privacy, no funds are required to submit and fill out the G-639 form. It provides and guarantees you the freedom of information and privacy law. However, when submitting a form, you agree to pay up to $ 25, no more, when filling out this form, however, any financial contributions from you will not be withdrawn when submitting your form.

The processing time of the FOIA request

The processing time for FOIA immigrants according to Form G-639, depending on the nature of the request, the time frame for processing the request is completely different. Simple requests for specific documents are processed from 4 to 8 weeks, but this limit may be higher or lower. The issuance of such immigration documents may take about 6 months from the date of filing an application. Due to this factor, we recommend that you limit your request to what you need.

It’s important to know that the FOIA request you provide is a powerful element that helps many immigrants understand and adjust to some of the complex challenges that immigration issues in the US have on the positive side.

We advise you, if you have any questions, to seek help from a qualified, licensed immigration lawyer who can provide you with qualified advice on the FOIA process.

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