Renewal process for visa

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The immigrants, who previously received a non-immigrant visa in the United States can use a simplified procedure for re-issuing an entry permit. In this case, the applicant does not need to be interviewed at the embassy, but it is necessary to fill out a visa application form in the US again, as well as pay a visa fee. The decision to extend the visa is taken remotely, and the prepared documents are sent to the consular department for consideration by mail. The main thing is to approach all the established conditions.

What kind of visa is considered to renew

About updating, instead of about reception of the new document speak, when:

  • The previous permission was issued after October 2007, which means that the obligatory procedure for scanning fingerprints was passed.
  • The extension is subject to the same category as before.
  • Since the end of the previous permit, less than 47 months have elapsed (3 years 11 months), if we are talking about categories B1, B2, C1, D.
  • If you apply for renewal for F or M visa, and you:
    • continue to participate in the same program, even if you have changed your institution
    • attend the same educational institution, even if you participate in another program, as well as you there is a valid visa or visa, the validity of which expired no more than 12 months ago.
  • If you apply for a visa H, L (except for a visa on the basis of the Blanket L petition), O, P, or R, you need to provide your valid visa or visa, which expired no more than 12 months ago.
  • If you apply for renewal for an E2 visa, your visa is still valid or the visa has expired not more than 12 months ago. Your business plans and investments have not changed since you received your previous visa.
  • Less than 11 months have elapsed since the expiry of the category not included in the clause above.
  • A valid visa-license is being re-applied.
  • The country where the application is filed coincides with citizenship.
  • You meet the requirements for obtaining a visa under US visa laws and your last visa application has not been subject to administrative review.
  • You have never been denied a visa, or if you received, after a refusal you have issued a visa.

The people who apply for a visa renew while not in their own country, first, pay a consular fee, and secondly, they are still interviewed. Especially when it is necessary to obtain a long-term permit or multi visa. Nevertheless, a document in a foreign country can be obtained.

Algorithm of actions

The preparatory part for the secondary receipt of the admission to America looks the same as the clearance from the ground up:

  • payment of the consular fee, according to the price list (from 160 to 265 USD for different categories);
  • completing the questionnaire form DS-160;
  • a record for the conversation through the private office at despite the release of the candidate who issues the visa renewal in the US, from the meeting with a consular officer, this operation is also repeated, but with the completion of a special section on the right not to go for an interview;
  • receipt by e-mail of a confirmation letter about the acceptance of the application with a note on the exemption from the personal conversation and a list of the necessary documentation;
  • print the confirmation letter.

Notification is more practical to print in 2 copies since one of them will go to the visa office, and the second one will be useful for tracking of the application since it has a special ID-number.

When you need to re-enter your visa

Theoretically, any type of visa clearance is allowed for renewal. However, in practice, there are some unspoken circumstances that, with a probability of more than 90%, will lead to rejection of the application.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is better to immediately start issuing a package for a new one if:

  • It is worth noting the clearance received on a US visa, valid or used earlier.
  • It is required to prolong the students’ visa type F. M, sometimes J.

In the first case, there is a stamp on additional verification of documents (Clearance received). It is put to those candidates for whom the Immigration Service has doubts about the transparency of their goals or the authenticity of the information provided.

Therefore, the questionnaires were subjected to administrative re-check. Let the stamp say that the check is successfully passed, but it is almost always as an unambiguous signal for the state security – “a repeated appeal to reject.”

The second circumstance is connected with the fact that for the American special services any incoming foreigner is a potential non-returnee. And long-term foreign students on American lands are subject to this temptation the most. The state in its own way uses preventive measures to suppress illegal immigration, preferring not to extend often the student visa.

Nothing prevents those who wish to apply anyway for a visa to the United States without an interview under the circumstances, it is not forbidden. But then it is better to immediately save money for an additional payment of consular fees because “refuseniks” do not return them back.

Required documents for renewal visa process

Planning how to renew a visa in the US, it will be good to refresh the list of documents that will be needed during registration:

  1. Valid international passport.
  2. An old passport, if it contained visa stamps of the past.
  3. Payment for the transfer of the due collection, its number.
  4. A photo was taken not earlier than six months ago and not the same as on the previous questionnaire.
  5. A completed, printed DS-160 questionnaire, the barcode number of the questionnaire.
  6. Notice of acceptance of the application, where it is stipulated that the US visa is extended without an interview, printed after receipt of the e-mail, ID-code of the notification.
  7. Accompanying papers related to the trip: invitations, calls, telegrams, certificates, passports of children.
  8. A small package of documents confirming the positive tourist history, including the plan-route for the forthcoming visit to the States and return from them, summaries on financial well-being, etc., is optional, but it is better to keep it at the ready.
  9. The piece inventory of all supplied documentation.

When the procedure is finished viewing the courier will bring passports with new inserts at the specified address on the website profiles. Or return blank passports after a rejection of the application.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, some tourists who decide to get the same visa to America again without a personal appearance, turn to specialized companies, visa extension agents.

The move is very reasonable and often helps to save time, nerves, but only when the reputation of the future pass holder is flawless. If there are obvious or hidden obstacles, no firm will help.

The main reasons for refusal of the visa renew

The official reasons for withdrawing applications for repetition in 2017 have similar roots:

  • lack strong ties with the home country, no family, children, permanent work or business: a theoretical opportunity to want to stay in the US, the threat of illegal immigration;
  • vague information in the questionnaire, many logical or other errors, discrepancies, insufficiency, inconclusive information, unproven intentions
    the presence among close citizens (residents, holders of the green card) of close relatives is treated as a threat of illegal immigration;
  • “clean” passport, zero or minimal experience of foreign travel.

Sometimes the refusal because of these reasons may not follow, but the candidate will be required to again undergo an interview.

The need for personal appearance or for providing additional information to the applicant will be notified in advance by e-mail. The conversation should appear, according to the specified date, and the required documents to be transported through the Pony Express (or seize to the meeting).

What should you do after refusal

The first reaction after the failure occurred is a sad decision to postpone the issue for half a year so that God forbid not to be restricted for persistence at all. The behavior is wrong, the visa system is huge in structure, and often a negative decision is made on a very minor occasion or at all because of the human factor.

Those who did not get a visa to the United States without an interview, do not close the topic. The timeframe for the next attempt is not established by the law, therefore, it is possible to ask for approval again calmly and without risk, at least the next day. Precedents, when it worked, abound. One should only remember that the consular duty will have to be paid anew, and the conversation queue is usually occupied for a week ahead.

It will also be reasonable to find new circumstances in life that the consuls like – to purchase real estate, open a business, create a family, adjust the purpose of the trip. Often this happens by itself, without a special organization, immediately increasing the chance for a successful review of the repeated application.