Green Card News Immigration News Reduce family reunification, but leave legal immigration limits by itself

Reduce family reunification, but leave legal immigration limits by itself

Immigrant family

For too long, the access to immigrating legally to the United States of America hasn’t been job skills or evidence that an immigrant is likely to be productive and succeed. It’s having a family member who’s already in America legally.

In 2015, about 65% of the immigrants got the green cards, which bestow lawful permanent residence, were relatives of U.S. citizens or other legal residents — a trend that that goes back five decades. And it’s not just spouses and minor children, but a stream of adult siblings and children, all of whom have family members of their own who can then qualify for entry.

Nation of immigrants

As far as Donald Trump became a President, two Republican senators, in a measure introduced last week and championed by Trump, want to change this system in a way that makes sense, by focusing more on merit and less on family ties. That means, no more green card will be given to old people and people with no great education, which can help to succeed in USA getting a top positions job offers.

It wasn’t the only demand of Donald Trump. As we all know even President George Bush proposed such reform first 12 years ago and once again he asked about it in 2013. It made sense then and still does. It does for american economy and society.

For American States, as a dream country for immigrants where live a huge amount of people with no even a registration it is a very bad situation. Immigrants without any documents sneaking over the borders to find jobs and that causes a hole in the economy by not paying any taxes at all.

The best approach would be to keep legal immigration levels close to where they are now, but put more focus on skills rather than family relationships. This country is in a global race to attract the best minds and most productive workers, yet the current system ignores that reality by focusing on “chain immigration.”

Family reunification is unfair to many who seek to immigrate but have no family already here.

Last year, for example, more immigrant visas were issued to Mexicans than to people from all African nations together. As time goes by, the chances of immigrating if you don’t have a relative in America will diminish sharply.

Family support does have value, and the proposal would still favor spouses and minor children of citizens and legal immigrants. Siblings, parents and grown children would no longer get preference.

Making this reforming change is a tough choice, but it’s a necessary step in a competitive world where the U.S. economy screams out for certain skills and there are only so many green cards to go around.

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