Green Card News Immigration News President D.Trump suggestion for a good start on immigration

President D.Trump suggestion for a good start on immigration

Trump: start on immigration (RAISE)

There are lots of news coming out now from the White House and other related sources about new politician decisions about immigration and the name of newly chosen president Trump. The question is no one knows what is the exact plan for immigration.

New plan legislation has shifted the heated immigration debate from discussion of a southern border wall that Mexico was never going to pay for to the Statue of Liberty, and more fundamentally to what american nation stands for. President Donald Trump, along with Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, and David Perdue, R-Georgia, announced details this week of the Reforming America’s Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, a plan to slash legal immigration into the United States. Critics argue this flies in the face of Lady Liberty, which serves as a beacon of hope to immigrants arriving from all around the world.

The RAISE Act aims to reduce the number of unprofessional immigrants who are allotted green cards by 50% and would replace the current employment-based system with a merit-based system grading possible immigrants according to specifics such as education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, and age.

Some people are already against of such rules and some are totally agree. For the first sight it seems like very unfair for many people who are already old but still have a dream to move to the States. But think one more about it. American society has to be powerful and rich in many aspects. And new Donald Trump’s plan for immigration looks absolutely correct. At least it is very clever to choose candidates by education level, professional skills, age and of course, level of English. Every company wants to hire a well-skilled worker with high IQ and good speaking skills.

However, party of democrats in Congress dismissed the policy as shameful, disgusting and emblematic of naked intolerance in the White House.

CNN’s Jim Acosta questioned White House Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller about the policy, invoking “The New Colossus,” the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Written in 1883, it reads in part: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” And we see, it’s totally opposite to the president’s policy.

Of course, the United States of America has an honorable tradition of taking in persecuted people from around the Globe – that’s what the poem on the Statue of Liberty is all about. We still take in the persecuted under the Refugee Act of 1980, though the RAISE Act would limit the numbers of those admitted. The broader point is this: the RAISE act isn’t about refugees, it’s about immigrants seeking for the green cards.

But our policymakers can’t ignore the reality. Legal number of immigrants have shot past historical levels. Liberal elites argue that we should continue to take in the world’s poor like we always have. The problem is that too many people wants to come to the United States to have their american dream come true. When we have too many people coming into this country who fit the low-skill profile, that hurts low-income, blue-collar people who already live here. This is the real problem for the country.

According to figures from the Department of Homeland Security, over one million immigrants were accepted into the United States for legal permanent residency last year. Many of them are low or unskilled workers or working in low-skilled jobs. And according to the White House, more than 50% of all immigrant households receive welfare benefits, compared with only 30% of native households in the United States that receive welfare benefits. Americans think this is not very honest to them.

Rick66 via CNN web source commented on it:
“The problem is that everyone wants to come to the United States.”…..uh, no, they don’t. Instead of focusing on the imaginary demon of low-skilled illegal immigrants, why doesn’t “president” trump do something to raise the skill level of Americans? There are currently 6 million jobs that are unfilled because employers can’t find qualified candidates. Tuition-free universal college education, as proposed by Bernie Sanders, would raise the socio-economic standards of middle class American more than we can imagine. And yet, that would require a tax increase on the 1% so it is automatically disqualified. Who the bleep is this Grover guy?”

American immigration system should attract young and highly skilled people, those who can integrate into American society most effectively, and focus on uniting immediate families, as opposed to extended family members.

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