Permanent Resident Card Renewal Process

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Cards of permanent residents, in other words, green cards issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States of America, provide these cards only to foreign citizens, guests who are seeking to move to the United States and wish to stay permanently, work and live in the United States. This card gives the resident a special status – a permanent resident. In order to be legally residing and staying in America, a foreign citizen, together with the receipt of this card, also provides his status, which gives him legal residence.

The permanent resident is obliged to carry out the process of extending his green card – I-551 is submitted and filled in every 10 years. When your card expires 10 years from the date of issue, your card must be updated in order to legally stay in the United States.

The card gives you a permanent resident status in the US, respectively, the card has a certain period of validity, in the event that your card expires or has expired, you need to start the renewal of the permanent resident card, all this must begin with the start of submission and fill in the form I-90, this application provides for the continuation of a permanent resident card.

Worth knowing: If you have an old version of a green card, such as USCIS Form AR-3, Form AR-103, you need to replace it with the current, up-to-date version of the Form I-551 Green Card.

You should know that in the old versions of the green card there is no such definite definition as the expiration date, which on the more recent versions of the card is on the front of the card, if the expiration date on the card is not specified – it should be known that this is a very old card issued long. Please note that these cards are not valid today. The card must have a clearly defined, specific expiry date, if your card is not valid, the validity period on the card is not specified, your card is old, and we recommend that you update the old card for a new one, updated with an expiration date.

Take into account the moment that, if your card is valid for two years, then you will be given the status of a habitual residence. You will undergo a certain procedure that includes such issues as petition submission, from providing you with the renewal and receipt of your card, and also provides a process to provide you with the full conditions of your legal residence, employment, up to the expiration of the card.

Application to renew the resident card must be submitted 90 days before the end of the validity period of the permanent resident card.
If the application is approved, you have a new, fully-functioning permanent resident card, which is valid for 10 years.

How is the Permanent Resident Card restored if you are not in the USA

In case of your stay outside of the United States, and your permanent resident card expires in 6 months, and at the same time, you are not in America and do not plan to return, you can not start the card renewal process because you are not physically located in the United States. It is worth knowing that the process of updating the card is only in the United States, which can begin as soon as you return there.

What to do in case of rejection of renewal permanent resident card application form

If you filed and completed an application for Form I-90 and was rejected, you will first receive a newsletter from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, which will indicate the specific reasons why your application was rejected.

However, do not be frustrated, even in the event of a rejection of your application, no one has the right and does not prohibit you from challenging this negative decision and, accordingly, appeal your application for reconsideration. After completing the application, we ask that you contact the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to review your card decision.

If your card is only valid for 2 years, this means that you have a phenomenon called immigration renewal resident card, as noted above.

Biometric data for renewal of resident card procedure

There are some nuances about which not everyone knows. Under certain conditions, the Immigration and Citizenship Service obliges applicants to fully and sufficiently provide information in order to receive your personal biometric data, if necessary, if necessary, you will receive a message that will contain the specified information on the purpose of biometric analysis.

Please note that if you receive a message from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service about the following requirement to send biometric data. When assigning a biometric analysis, you are obliged to submit a document confirming your personal data to your identity.

The biometric procedure consists of two factors: fingerprinting and taking pictures of your person. Biometric nuances, this is usually the last step to update your Green Card, as USCIS instantly provides people with their updated cards after receiving information about biometric data.

After the process, the waiting process lasts from one to several days, after which you are assigned and held a personal interview with you, after which you will be issued a permanent resident card. In some cases, you can expect an updated green card, in case of a successful interview, for a few days.

Before passing an interview, it is necessary to prepare documents in detail and confidently, to respond quickly to the questions you asked. If you have been resident in the United States as a permanent resident for more than 5 years and you fully comply with all the essential criteria for obtaining citizenship, you can begin to start preparing and collecting US Citizenship filing documents instead of updating your “green” “card.

You must also pay for USCIS services. If you send a completed form electronically, you will immediately receive a receipt, immediately upon submission of the form itself. In addition, the message will indicate the exact address on which you want to send confirmatory documents that certify your identity.

If you send a filled in form in paper form, you will receive the same message within a week. In any case, USCIS will send you the I-797C, indicating that you have started the process of updating your Green Card.

Permanent resident card renewal fee

Today this payment is $ 540, and it can also be changed. The renew permanent resident card fee consists of a form fee of $ 455 and a biometric service fee of $ 85. In order to make a resident card renewal fee on the Internet, you need to use the following cards:

  • American Express,
  • Visa,
  • Mastercard
  • Discover.

We hope that we have answered the question: “how much does it cost to renew permanent resident card”. Together with the renew resident card cost, there is a need to send a money transfer in case of submitting a paper form.

Carefully monitor the amount needed to renew the resident card, since it has the ability to change over time, and information that was relevant in the past month of the next month may not be appropriate and the amount may change to a larger extent.