Green Card Immigration Forms N-400 form — Application for Naturalization

N-400 form — Application for Naturalization

N-400 form — Application for Naturalization

If you are a Green Card holder who is eligible to apply for US citizenship, you will need to fill out the USCIS N-400 form, the so-called Application for Naturalization. There are 20 pages which consist of 18 instructions, various questions and free lines for your words. Note that some areas should remain empty until the day of your interview.

To fill out the N-400 form, you will need some documents including the Permanent Resident Card, passport, birth and marriage certificates, divorce decree and any other papers that will help you confirm important dates and events.

Who may use the N-400 form

N-400 form is used by permanent residents (Green Card holders) when they are ready to apply for US citizenship as naturalized citizens.

If you belong to one of the following groups, you have the right to file an N-400 form:

  • A permanent resident of the United States for 5 years.
  • A permanent resident who lives in a marriage with one citizen of the United States for 3 years.
  • Member of the US Armed Forces (or honorably retired in the last 6 months), who served for at least 1 year.

How to Fill the N-400 Form Application For Naturalization

Find a quiet, cozy place where you will not be disturbed. Allocate enough time to read and answer all questions. You need to carefully write down your answers in print font using a black pen. If you make too many mistakes, it is recommended to get a new form.

Some parts, especially paragraphs 5, 8 and 11, have limited space for writing answers. You can use separate sheets of paper. Make sure that your Alien Registration Number is written at the top.

Let’s consider each step in more detail:

  1. Check your eligibility for applying for naturalization using the Alien Registration Number (A-Number).
  2. You need to indicate the legal name which you use at the moment and your name exactly as it is written in the Green Card. Also mention any other names that you have ever used. While applying for US citizenship, you can change your name if desired. There is a place to write the new option in question №4 of Part 2.
  3. Indicate your Social Security Number, date and country of birth, nationality.
  4. Answer the questions about the presence of any degree of disability and whether you can qualify for any privileges when writing an English test.
  5. You can ask for accommodation (if available) and mention the area suitable for you.
  6. Write your home and postal addresses, phone, and e-mail in the space provided.
  7. Information about where you lived for the past 5 years is needed. Start with the current point. Then mention all the others.
  8. Provide the data got verification of your origin, including ethnicity, race, height and weight, eye and hair color.
  9. Describe the work you have been doing and the places where you have studied for the last 5 years, including military and police service. Write down the name of the employer or institution, full address, dates of visit, your responsibilities before this employer. Write “unemployed” if you had no job during this time.
  10. Answer questions about the time you spent outside the US, including how often you traveled abroad, to which countries and for how many days.
  11. Describe your marital history. If you answer “Single, Never Married” for question number 1, proceed to Part 11.
  12. In another case, you will need to provide information about each of your marriages (if you had more than one), including your spouses’ names, birth dates, and other details about their citizenship and previous marriages.
  13. Provide data about all your children, whether they live with you or not, whether they are born in marriage or adopted.
  14. Answer the questions that will help USCIS employees determine whether you are a person of good moral qualities. Do it with absolute honesty.
  15. Indicate how the form was filled (by your own or with the help of an interpreter). You should prove that the supporting documents you sent are exact copies of the original papers.
  16. Allow the agencies to share information about you with the USCIS to confirm your right to naturalization. You will finish Part 13 by signing your name and date in the required places.
  17. Provide info about an interpreter who helped you fill out the N-400 form (if any), including his name and contact data. At the end of Part 14, the translator must confirm his identity, sign and put the date in the proper place.

If other person prepared N-400 form, you should provide information about him in Part 5. USCIS will want to know the name, address and contact information. Your helper has to attach the certification of his qualifications and intentions when completing this form for you. He also must sign and indicate the date in the proper place.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to file the N-400 form. We hope that this information was useful and your application will be successful. Good luck!

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