Green Card Help Let it snow: Christmas in the USA in 2020

Let it snow: Christmas in the USA in 2020

Let it snow Christmas in the USA in 2019

No matter what everyone says, but for me, Christmas is not Christmas without snow. There is nothing better than walking down the street with a glass of mulled wine or sliding down the slope and awaiting the hot chocolate evening in the hotel room after spending a whole day outside.

Sometimes I hear that people want to go to hot countries for Christmas to have a sunbath, however, in this article, I will tell you about where to go for a white Christmas in the USA. So, which states do snow in December?


If you knew nothing about this state apart from it being somewhere on the north, it is the time to get you to know more about it. If you go there for a Christmas holiday you can be sure that there will be lots of snow to accompany your Christmas day, so don’t forget to make your Snowman in front of the house. However, Minnesota is big, and a holiday time is limited, so best to have at least an idea of where to go and what to see.


Some ideas you can see below:

  • International Wolf Center in Ely. Who has told you that skiing and skating are the only winter activity available? Forget about it and go to the International Wolf Center. Here you can not only learn more about wolves and have a photo with them, but also have a dog sled ride just outside the Center.
  • Minnehaha Falls. All know that waterfalls are impressive, however, how is it when they are frozen? It is even more beautiful! This is part of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, so it is better to go there for a few days to explore all the opportunities this place offers. Of the top of my head, there are 5 ice-skating rings, one indoor ice arena, a pond for ice fishing, snowboarding slopes, and a tubing designated area. If you still decide to go in just for a day, you should also have time to enjoy the area – the park is opened 6 am till midnight!
  • Holidazzle. If you want a Christmas fairy-tale with quizzes, films, ice-skating and beautiful scenery, there is no better place to go than Holidazzle. On the market, you will have a choice of Cinnamon Roasted Nuts, local hot cider, local cheese curds, different donuts and sweets and, most importantly, shops where warm clothes are sold. However, you won’t really need it here – there are heated tents available for use. There is also an activities’ program for children available where the little ones also can have fun doing different quizzes and helping with Christmas cookies.


Christmas snow forecast says it will be a magnificent time – not too cold, however from mid-December till med-February there will be a measurable amount of snow on the ground which should be enough for an average USA citizen. There are some must-see places while you are there, so have a look at the list below on how it is better to spend your white Christmas in the USA in 2019.

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree. Actually, there is no proper Christmas tree on the main square like in London, for example, but the idea to turn the monument into a tree using different Christmas lights is amazing! It is especially stunning closer to the night time where all 4,000 Christmas lights and 52 strands of garland are shining altogether. Every year thousands of people go out to the square to this festival of Circle of Lights to see Santa, sing songs around the “tree” and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while listening to the music from the scene


If you travel with children, not-to-miss family activity is IPL Yuletide Celebration by Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. This is a theater event with both classical and modern songs, elves, Santa and a happy end of the story told. The show takes place every winter on Hilbert Circle Theater Stage.

Pokagon State Park. If you want to spend a day out of the town and have fun on the open-air, the best place for it is this Skate Park. Every year about 90,000 riders slide down the vertical slope of 90 feet over the course of a quarter mile. Maximum speed reached can be up to 42 mph. Even the ride takes just about 20-30 seconds, emotions got will stay with you for much longer than that.

Pokagon State Park

North Dacota

If you ask “where does it snow in December in the USA for sure”, the answer is North Dacota. This is a place where -35C can be a typical event, so I would think twice before going there. But if you decided you are strong enough to face it, pack all warm clothes you can find in the wardrobe, have a warm bath before going to the airport and let me see what places to visit and where to get hot chocolate at the best price to warm you after holiday daytime activities.

For those who like skiing and snowboarding, North Dacota will be a lovely place (and definitely a cheaper one than Chamonix, for example). There are several places available to go enjoy winter activities, the most famous three are:

  • Mandan (Huff Hills)
  • Bottineau (Bottineau Winter Park)
  • Walhalla (Frost Fire)

North Dacota

The slopes may be less impressive than ones in Austria or Switzerland, however, a day on the slopes here will work out the kinks and break in that new equipment before you head west. If you want to go but have little children with you, let them do some tubing instead – there are 3 tubing chutes each 600 feet long. Important – the minimum age to have a tubing fun is 4 years, so I am afraid there is nothing really for toddlers and better choose another place to go.

If you had enough of skiing during the day, have a look at the Uni of North Dacota Hockey game at Grand Forks on a weekend. This will cost you around 40-60 dollars, however, you’ll have a bit of student life experience as well as enjoying the game itself.

North Dacota Christmas

Still asking where to go for a white Christmas in the USA? If you want to have a more peaceful time, go to Devils Lake which has been ranked as one of the top five fishing lakes in the US. You can fish perches, for example, that are more than two pounds in weight, or alternatively, you can go hunting in designated areas.

The name Devils Lake is incorrect. Originally the lake was called Miniwaukan (Spirit Water), however, the early explorers mixed up the translation and it ended up translated like “Bad Spirits”. The legend of Sea Monster living in the sea and attacking locals soon started to form.


Even the Christmas snow forecast this year says that winter in Pennsylvania will be warmer than usual, it will still be quite snowy, so your white Christmas holiday won’t be in danger. Oh, and once you are there, don’t forget to try real Hershey’s chocolate – the factory of this tasty chocolate is in Pennsylvania and you can even have a holiday trip there with testing some chocolate samples! Other ideas for where to go in Pennsylvania, which is one of the states that snow in December, you can see below.

Laurel Highlands Christmas

Laurel Highlands. If you don’t know how to ski but always wanted to try, your best trip destination is Laurel Highlands. A popular among USA citizens resort has experienced instructors that will teach you and your children on the basic skiing techniques, so you are never afraid of slopes anymore. Other activities on offer at the resort are dogsledding and snow tubing. During the holiday time, there is a Holiday Candlelight Tour available at the Compass Inn Museum. Tour a 19th-century stagecoach stop, decorated for the season. You can have a walk around the inn by candlelight, enjoy holiday refreshments and treats, like cider and special cookies. In the evening, there is Night Parade where you can see Santa and start your Christmas shopping.

Elk Viewing, if you want to be closer to nature during your holiday, make sure you go for an elk viewing tour to Benezette. If you are lucky with the weather, you can also have a Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride from which you can see elks walking around, otherwise, you’ll need to travel around using your own vehicle. Don’t forget to stop at the Elk County Elk Farm just south of Ridgway where you can try homemade elk jerky and an elk steak.

pennsilvaniya christmas

If it is your honeymoon destination or if you don’t have children coming with you for this winter holiday, Lake Erie Wine Country will be a great place to warm up after days of skiing somewhere. 23 wineries are open year-round for tasting and shopping, each of them is unique in some way. My favorite ones are Arrowhead Wine Cellars and Presque Isle Wine Cellars. In these two, you can try some local wines such as French-Hybrid Varietal Wines, European Vinifera Wines, and Native Lambrusco Wines. If you feel you are getting hungry, there is a Freeport Restaurant (there are more of them, this one is just my favorite one) that will welcome you its famous homemade sausage & smoked-on-premises ham & bacon. If you are not a big fan of it, other things available on the menu are different fish, prime rib, pasta, sandwiches, homemade soups, and a wide selection of desserts & daily specials. There is a bar to accompany your meal where many local wines are present.

Lake Erie Wine Country

Hopefully, now you have a rough idea of where to spend white Christmas in the USA in 2019. Of course, there are more places with snow like Ohio, Michigan, Vermont, Wyoming, and New Hampshire, but we are going to talk about these states later, so just be patient. If you know any more places to visit in the states above, just leave a comment under this article to help people gather more ideas on where does it snow in December in the USA so the can go to have some fun there during Christmas holidays.

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