Green Card News Immigration News In the direction of the US is moving “procession of migrants”

In the direction of the US is moving “procession of migrants”

In the direction of the US is moving

The Mexican government sent another 500 police officers to their border with Guatemala, awaiting of the immigrants’ arrival.

In the direction of the southern border of the US is moving “procession of migrants”, which consists of about 4 thousand people. It is reported by NBC with reference to the documents of the US government.

“The procession of migrants escaped from Honduras has grown to 4,000 people. The Mexican government sent more 500 police officers to their border with Guatemala awaiting their arrival,” the NBC wrote on its Twitter page.

NBC Twitter

Earlier, US President Donald Trump threatened the government of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador with financial aid deprivation if they could not deal with the unimpeded crossing of their borders towards the United States by “migrant procession”, which also included citizens of these countries.

In 2018, Donald Trump announced a “zero tolerance” policy against illegal immigrants. Over the past few months, the US authorities have placed more than 2,300 kids of illegal migrants in special centers or foster families.

The Trump initiative is being heavily criticized, including by the UN. Due to growing outrage at the authorities, Trump signed a decree ending the practice of separating the families of illegal immigrants.

The US Customs and Border Protection Administration returned 522 migrant kids to their parents, according to the US Department of National Security website.

“A small number of kids” will remain divided with parents, since their affairs are not related to the “zero tolerance” policy stated on the website. Kids will be separated from adults if their family ties cannot be confirmed, if adults pose a threat to the safety of kids or if the adult foreigner is a criminal.

Parents who are subject to expulsion from the United States can file a petition to take the kid with them. Previously, many adults preferred to be expelled without kids, clarifies the US Immigration and Compliance Office.

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