Green Card Green Card Lottery Important! Beware of fake Green Card Lottery Websites

Important! Beware of fake Green Card Lottery Websites

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The era of the Internet is here and each day there are dozens of new websites coming up. It is normal to create new resources with new information but some of the sites provide fake opportunities for people who seek the easy ways.

Since the Green Card Lottery became an online Entry we can find thousands of fake resources which give us the information that they can help to register the entries and helps to win a Green Card. Those websites look different but there is one similar option for them.

It is a payment for the support. It varies on each resource but still, you need to pay some money for the fake registration through such Green Card fake sources.

You can find it easy if you type in global internet system search “green card fake”. You will see how tricky those sites are.

They will provide you with free entry registration probably on the official web service of the Official Green Card Lottery but you will need to pay to the fake site assistance for sure.

This is the paradox because the Official Entry for the Green Card Lottery is FREE. And using those fake supportive websites you will pay for nothing. They might assist you with the entering the data in the Lottery online form but listen up, you can do it without any additional help because it is easy and simple to file.

There are so many guides for that, and you can find the instructions here too.

What you can do to avoid the scam

The FBI asks people over the world who enter the Green Card Lottery report the fake websites which provide fake help for the registering in Green Card Lottery. If you found such website, copy the link of it and write a letter to FBI office.

Also, you can read about safety on the official web site and get more knowledge from there about fraud and spam and about how to protect yourself. If you receive unsolicited letters by your private e-mail offers you to register in Lottery or spam about it, you can forward the messages to the Federal Trade Commission at [email protected] e-mail.

Also, it is very important for the authorities to fight with cybercrimes. That is why there is a Internet Crime Complaint Center was created by Federal Bureau of Investigation. The abbreviation of it is IC3.

The officials of this Center ask to report with any of unofficial web resources that can make damage to the Governmental resources or make their authority ruined.
If you have received any letters look like spam report about it.

As for Lotteries letters, you may get from the cybercrimes:

  • If the lottery winnings appear too good to be true, they probably are from the crimes
  • Be cautious when dealing with individuals outside of your own country who offers you free help
  • Be leery if you do not remember entering a Green Card Lottery
  • Be cautious if you receive a telephone call stating you are the winner in a Green Card Lottery, the authorities never make such calls to the winners
  • Be wary of demands to send additional money to be eligible for future winnings

If you search any help via the Internet it may cause serious problems for you. You may lose your money and get no help at all. Better to find readable information, call to the official departments and go to the official websites to have complete information about Green Card Lottery instead of using different online web sources with fake information.

Remember that there is only and the one website which provides Green Card Lottery and it is

In case if you already get spam letters: list of steps

In case if you already get spam letters with the notification about your winning in Green Card Lottery you need to follow next procedures as well to protect yourself:

  • Don’t open spam letter. Delete it unread and mark it as Spam letter.
  • Never respond to spam letter even if it looks like real as this will confirm to the sender that it is a “live” e-mail address.
  • Have a primary and secondary e-mail address – one for people you know for sure in life and one for all other purposes you may need in the web.
  • Avoid giving out your e-mail address unless you know how it will be used by a person who asks it.
  • Never purchase anything advertised about Green Card Lottery (help, assistance) through an unsolicited e-mail.

Feel free to tell us about your experience of searching the additional help on the Internet. Maybe you found the fake websites and want to tell us your story about it.

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