Green Card Help Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

The United States was and remains a welcome country for immigrants. However, US immigration laws can rightfully be called one of the most intricate in the world, then fraud use successfully. At any stage, you can face immigration fraudsters of different scales, which provide knowingly substandard services, lure out large sums of money and even use the personal data of potential immigrants for their own purposes.

Why are they stealing but live on the freedom, you ask? Simple answer: Voluntary, Far, Long.

Voluntarily: usually huge amounts of money and information are given to fraud voluntarily and without supporting documents.

Far: fraudsters can be out of reach, as physically far away, disappearing on another continent, and the information is far away when there is no reliable information about them.

Long: immigration is a lengthy process, and before suspicions arise, it can take a long time to wait or correspond. Moreover, the process of bringing to responsibility will require even more time, effort and additional funds.

The saddest thing is – after the kind “help” of the fraud, you can lose not only money but also the opportunity to immigrate to the US in the future.
Therefore, we will be guided by the principle of “Forewarned – that means, armed” and consider the typical cases of fraud, which may have already encountered.
The popularity of the Green Card lottery attracts not only those wishing to try their luck and move overseas but also numerous fraud.

Diversity Lottery Green Card — how do fraud act

Fraud usually uses lack of knowledge of the English language of the participants. Especially often it happens at the stage of filling in the questionnaires for participation in the Green Card lottery.

You can fill out the questionnaire by yourself, following the instructions available to everyone. But there is another way – to turn to the mediators for help. And you will be helped … to part with 2-5 thousand dollars, promising all assistance and support in completing the application and filing it in the green card lottery. The Internet is full of websites of intermediaries ready to submit a questionnaire for you every year.

Diversity Lottery Green Card — how do fraud act

When registering a questionnaire in your name, many intermediaries indicate their electronic and postal address, and in case of your winnings, all information is provided to them, so that you can subsequently “sell” it to you.

Given the seeming absurdity of the situation – to pay for what is represented by the American state for free – every year those who fall for the bait to the crooks turn to us for advice.

Real life-story

The girl came to the United States on a tourist visa, and, while in Los Angeles, she turned to us for help. She paid the intermediary $ 2,000 to fill out her application for the lottery.

After some time, she was informed that she won, and asked for another 2,000 dollars to pass a letter of winning with the number of her Case Number. After the attempts of the girl to persuade the mediator, they began to threaten her with violence.

A lot of such cases of extortion can be found in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

How to avoid such situation

Fill out the application form on the official website of, and not on the mediators’ website. If suddenly you have already left your information to the intermediaries, at least, you must know the Registration number of the Registration number application or try to find it on the official lottery website in order to apply for recovery of winnings. Also, make sure that your application has your email address.

Political asylum in the USA

Another field for the activities of a large number of scams who want to “help” potential immigrants for money – writing cases for filing for political asylum and counseling for refugees.

It is quite logical, before deciding on major changes in life, to study information, to get acquainted with the experience of those who have succeeded. Therefore, those who wish to file documents for political asylum gather information in social networks, forums, bloggers, and acquaintances. This helps to get a general idea and even answer the question, as it happens.

But things take a different turn when someone takes the responsibility to advise you or help write a story to get asylum in the US. Self-made consultants give out advice, suggest what to do in a particular situation, but do not have the necessary qualifications. As a result, often the client is deceived. The only specialist who competed in such a sphere is an immigration lawyer.

Immigration consultant vs attorney

Agreeing to the services of bloggers-consultants or immigration centers that do not have a single licensed immigration lawyer in their state, you knowingly agree to an unprofessional approach to your case. If to argue by analogy with medicine, you would agree that, if necessary, surgery, it was done not by a surgeon, but, say, by a clinic administrator who heard many surgeons from the surgeons and even was in the operating room a couple of times. You perfectly understand the consequences for your life and health.

But the consequences of the incompetent case, wrong actions at the border, the lack of preparation for an interview with a USCIS officer is not only a negative response to the petition, but also the transfer of the case to the court, deportation, and a ban on entering the United States for a long time.

Immigration consultant vs attorney

We have seen the same stories written by immigration consultants for different clients “for a carbon copy,” as well as promising stories, illuminated from the wrong side or on the contrary invented stories that never existed.

A lawyer who practices on issues of political asylum, will not invent stories, as he cares about the ethical and professional side of the matter. But, having visited a very large number of court hearings, he knows the specifics of the information that immigration judges need. Consultants haven’t such practice.

Real life-story
One of the latest stories is about a Russian-speaking fraudster consultant, who has transferred money for writing case studies, obtaining visas, changing immigration statuses. The result is dozens of victims with spoiled cases of asylum.
Also for a round sum, he promised to change the status from B-1 to EB-1 visa and, in order not to cause suspicion, sent clients documents where using Photoshop on behalf of USCIS, indicated that the visa application was being processed.
At this point, the swindler disappeared during Hurricane Irma in Florida, with money, of course. Unfortunately, money is unlikely to be returned, even if it is found.

One young man turned to an immigration consultant and received advice: “fly to America and ask for political refugee right in New York.” He had a tourist visa, that is, in fact, he could enter the country, after a while starts the process, get a work permit and so on. Asking for asylum right at the airport, he immediately got into an immigration prison. That’s how one advice crossed out his whole story.

How to avoid such situation
First of all, contact an experienced licensed immigration lawyer. Do not transfer money without documents.

EB-5 Fraud

Another huge field for cheating is a fraud within the EB-5 program. Recall that the program allows you to get a green card to investors who invested at least $ 500,000 in the US economy and created at least 10 jobs offer for Americans or permanent residents.

One of the important issues of this program: where to invest money? And, of course, there are enough people who will be glad to use half a million dollars for their purposes. Organized fraudulent funds that raise money from foreign investors to participate in the EB-5 program. Money is not subsequently invested in US companies, but used for personal purposes, investors remain without visas.

Unfortunately, it is still possible to enumerate for a long time the types and cases of fraud in the immigration sphere. But we’d better wish you that you do not run into them. If nevertheless, you have suffered from fraud, our licensed immigration lawyers can advise you and give valuable recommendations.

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