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I-131 Application for Travel Document

General filling tips for Form I-131 As already mentioned, people fill out the I-131 form, Application for Travel Document to get a permit to re-enter the US. Among those who apply for a Travel Document, there are asylees and refugees who need to travel outside the US, lawful permanent residents who plan to reside abroad for a long time, and others. The most important rule of filling out the I-131 form is that you need to be inside the US when applying. Lawful permanent residents, in turn, should still appear for the biometrics appointment before leaving the country. It is ... Read more

DS-160: e-application for nonimmigrant visa — short guide

Specification of filling in the questionnaire for a US visa Questionnaire DS-160 is one of the main documents when you are applying for a visa to the US in 2018. Even before the interview, the questionnaire is viewed and analyzed by the Embassy staff. DS 160 Application Step by Step (Main Applicant, Spouse and Kids) The data of the visa applicant are going through a specialized computer system to identify potential inconsistencies and fake information. The visa application form in the US categorically prohibits the presence of errors, and information about the applicant and the trip should be as complete ... Read more

I-765 form — Application for Employment Authorisation

Who can obtain the work permit The following categories of foreigners have the right to it: Refugees and persons granted asylum, their spouses, and children. People who seek asylum. International students who want to undergo facultative practical training in their profession. Applicants who apply for permanent resident status. People who applying for the status of a temporary refugee or having this status. Persons belonging to certain nationalities (for example, citizens of Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands). Spouses and children of persons working in diplomatic institutions and international agencies. People who live in the United States on employment-based visas. Persons who have ... Read more

I-130 Form — Petition For Alien Relative

Conditions of family reunification in the USA At the moment, the law provides special conditions for close relatives of American citizens: husband or wife, unmarried children under the age of 21 and parents. The US State Department will invite them to apply for an immigrant visa immediately upon consideration of your Form I-130. If the application was approved, your relatives are in the United States on a legal basis and meet other requirements, they will be able to apply on the spot and change their status to permanent resident. As for other relatives, because of the high demand for such ... Read more

N-400 form — Application for Naturalization

Who may use the N-400 form N-400 form is used by permanent residents (Green Card holders) when they are ready to apply for US citizenship as naturalized citizens. If you belong to one of the following groups, you have the right to file an N-400 form: A permanent resident of the United States for 5 years. A permanent resident who lives in a marriage with one citizen of the United States for 3 years. Member of the US Armed Forces (or honorably retired in the last 6 months), who served for at least 1 year.

Immigration Form I-485 — a short guide