Green Card Help Page 2


Green Card Help Page 2

10 ways to stay legally in The USA

how to migrate to usa

Win in the Diversity Lottery Ask for political asylum Get married with American citizen Study in US Family reunification To get a job ( H1B, H2B, L1 visas) Open a business or get citizenship through investments Go to serve in the US Army Stay illegal and wait for an amnesty Becoming a witness or victim in a resonant...

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Top 10 important advice from US Immigration Services


After the new immigration laws of Donald Trump, many human rights organizations announced the protection of those who fell under the so-called instructions of the president. Very often immigrants are not aware of their rights, so the organization decided to publish a special note. It will help all visitors to protect themselves by observing US law. Employees of the Immigrant...


Battered Spouse (VAWA)

Spouse Visa

USCIS Immigrant Fee

Preparing and applying process for Fiance Visa (K1 visa)

Tourist Visa USA