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Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Diversity Lottery Green Card — how do fraud act Political asylum in the USA Immigration consultant vs attorney EB-5 Fraud The United States was and remains a welcome country for immigrants. However, US immigration laws can rightfully be called one of the most intricate in the world, then fraud use successfully. At any stage, you can face immigration fraudsters...

The 8 facts about imigration to the US that you did not know

The 8 facts about imigration to the US

1. The number of immigrants increased In July 2017, the number of migrants who arrived legally and illegally in the United States reached a record 43.7 million people. This is an increase of 500 thousand from 2015, by 3.8 million since 2010 and by 12.6 million since 2000. 2. Every eighth US resident is a foreigner The share of migrants in the...

TOP 10 reasons not move to the USA

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Everyone experiences immigration in different ways: one has an easy transition and causes methamphetamine euphoria, the other turns into a tragedy of all life. The difficulty of immigration for a particular person is determined by objective parameters: knowledge of the English language, the availability of a sought-after specialty, financial opportunities and available options for legalization. In this article - 10 reasons...

10 epic fails while you are applying for a GC (Green Card)

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You didn’t submit all the necessary documents Some documents do not have English translate The documents without a signature Incorrect payment of the fee for submitting forms You missed important deadlines Fake personal data Fraud catch you You didn’t ask for help with documents You do not fit the requirements for apply Problems with financial...

How to a find job in the USA

Where is the best place to look for a job? Job search portals Contacting the company directly Local newspapers The recruiting company Search on the place Internship in the USA The most popular internships programs in the USA Work illegally for cash In recent years, America especially needs highly qualified specialists. Recently, Donald Trump announced the implementation of a...

US Citizenship: 4 methods to become an American citizen

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Many people dream of obtaining US citizenship, and for this, there are various ways that you can take advantage of. In most cases, people prefer to officially become a permanent resident first and then obtain citizenship through naturalization. About citizenship in general In principle, you can live your whole life in the status of a permanent resident without asking yourself how...

Emergency sites for LGBT members

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The organization which can help newcomer members of LGBT community Company, which specialized in medical care and can provide a medical support Work and education for LGBTQ representative Free attorney and LGBT community for help and support People from all over the world going through violence and inequality, in some cases they are tortured or executed for the way...

10 ways to stay legally in The USA

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Win in the Diversity Lottery Ask for political asylum Get married with American citizen Study in US Family reunification To get a job ( H1B, H2B, L1 visas) Open a business or get citizenship through investments Go to serve in the US Army Stay illegal and wait for an amnesty Becoming a witness or victim in a resonant...

Top 10 important advices from US Immigration Services

After the new immigration laws of Donald Trump, many human rights organizations announced the protection of those who fell under the so-called instructions of the president. Very often immigrants are not aware of their rights, so the organization decided to publish a special note. It will help all visitors to protect themselves by observing US law. Employees of the Immigrant...