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Green Card Status

Green Card Status

The Immigration and Nationality Act allows to change of a personal’s immigration status while in the United States from nonimmigrant or temporary to immigrant or permanent resident. If the person was inspected and admitted into the United States of America and is able to confirm all the needed qualifications for a getting a green card in a particular category. This process of changes to become a permanent American citizen also called “adjustment of status”.

This Act provides two ways to get a green card and become a permanent resident with the green card status. The person can be eligible to get a green card permanent resident status with no need to return to home country to complete the process of getting visa done.

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There is other process for those who are outside of the United States. Such persons also can obtain the visa while they are abroad.

There are few ways to become a green card owner and have a status of permanent resident of the United States. These steps depend on what category you choose to register. Also, it depends on whether you currently live in the United States or you live beyond the borders of the country.

Here are the main categories:

  1. Green Card via family;
  2. Green Card via job offer;
  3. Green Card through refugee;
  4. Green Card as asylee status;
  5. Other ways to get Green Card.
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Here are stages for adjustment of status

  1. Determination of a specific immigrant category;
  2. Fulfilling the immigration petition;
  3. Checking availability of visa;
  4. Fill Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residency;
  5. Meeting in the Application Support Center appointment;
  6. Interview with the USCIS official person;
  7. Getting you final decision in the paper mail.

Almost all the immigrants can become a permanent citizens through a petition filed on their behalf by a family member or by a getting a job offer from employer. Other people who want to be an American residents can obtain a refugee status or status or asylee, or even through of a number of other special provisions.

If you already know what category is the best for your case, you will need to file the immigration petition on your behalf. There is special form I-130 which is family based category. This type of petition require that a United States permanent resident or your relative who are already a citizen of the United States is filling this form for you. It also can be filled by an alien relative for you too.

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There is one more specific category in this area of visa law. Immigration through the job offer or employment base. This means you need to get the I-140 form for employer and your employer will fill it up with the information. It calls Petition for Alien Worker, form I-140.

Also, entrepreneurs who want to invest big amounts of money in to a business venturing systems in the United States of America will need to get the form I-526 for getting the green card status of immigrant for business there.

You may also get the green card status as a special class of immigrants. You need to get the I-360 form filled. This is a Petition for Amerasian, widow(er) or special immigrant person.
Sometimes, it is possible to see the green card case status through the humanitarian programs. More over it, almost all of the humanitarian programs don’t require any types of petitions to be underlined. Anyway, some people may need to meet additional requirements before getting the green card status.

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There are a few categories which may require a different form than Form I-485. To get to know the exact category you may need, look the list of categories and the requirements for each of it. Also, you need to be honest when you answering the questions about eligibility as a person who offers the green card status.

After you complete the filing of all applications and forms you will be notified about your appointment in Application Support Center. You will need to be there for biometrics collection. That means you will be proposed to make your photograph, make a copy of your signature and also, you will be fingerprinted. All of these data need to check you as a person, creating the green card, work permission papers or advanced parole documents.

At the end of the completing the process of getting the green card status you may be notified about personal interview at a USCIS office. You will be answering the additional questions about your application. You need to be present at all of such interviews for sure. USCIS officials will review your application and will make a point if you were absent on the interviews. So, it is highly important to be there on time.

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At the end of this paperwork, when all be checked and the officials will be done with your case, you will be notified by mail about the decision the USCIS made about you. You will get the paper mail with this decision from USCIS.

The granting of permanent residency is generally recorded as the date that you became a permanent resident. Refugees and certain humanitarian parolees will have their date of adjustment of status recorded as that of their entry into the United States as a refugee. Asylees, whether the principal filer or his/her derivatives, will have their date of adjustment recorded as one year prior to the date of being granted permanent residence.

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