Green Card Processes

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For each green card category there are some special steps and procedures you need to follow extremely correct. Here are some general processes and procedures that can help you apply either while in the United States or while outside the United States.

Here are the list of procedures of getting the green card:

  1. Checking if you are eligible to get the green card;
  2. Adjustment of status check;
  3. Consular processing period;
  4. Concurrent filing the information;
  5. Checking visa availability and priority dates;
  6. Travel documents;
  7. Getting employment authorization document;
  8. Passing immigration medical examinations;
  9. Affidavit of support;
  10. Public charge;
  11. Child status protection act.

Video — The process of filing for Green Card EB2 and EB3

Be ready to wait because the process of getting any type of green card visa is not a fast process at all.
Sometimes, to pass all the process takes a lot of time, months, and in some cases it may take more than a year.

As soon as you will make a decision that you want to become a permanent resident of the United States of America you must check if you are eligible as a person to cross the border and become a resident of new country.

Not everyone can apply for a long lasting visa types. You must understand that there are many requirements to the person who wants to become an American citizen.
For example, such factors as:

  • age
  • health
  • education
  • job experience

So, the first step for you is checking you by the system. The application process starts exactly with this first step. It is when you check if you are eligible to apply for the green card visa. You can check your eligibility right on the web site of the Consular Affairs of the Department of the United States.

If you are eligible and match all the requirements, you can continue application process by continue the next steps the system offers to you.

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The next step is adjustment your status. Adjusting your status to a permanent resident is the process used by immigrants to get a green card while they are in the United States.

Also, there is a term which is calls a consular processing. It is the method that immigrants use to get their green card when they stay outside the United States of America or when such persons ineligible to adjust status in the United States.

When you get a green card through employment or a job offer, family or as a special status immigrant, you may need to have a petition filed for you by someone else. Concurrent filing is generally when the immigrant petition is filed at the same time you file your application to get a green card.

As usual, there have to be a visa available for you before you can apply for a green card. In some specific categories, visas are always available, while in others, there are a limited number of visas that can be available for one year. Priority dates are given to immigrants waiting in line to get an immigrant visa and determine when a visa can become available.

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Make sure you are applying for a visa and it is available to be given to you this year. Otherwise, you can also get to know if you are eligible to work in the United States. You can get to know the process of how to apply for an employment authorization document (EAD). It is totally legal way to get the long lasting visa through the job offer from an American official company.

As a green card processing steps you and find out you need to pass the medical exams. The medical examination is varying from country to country, but there are some similar strict rules for passing this step. You may need to get the health conclusion from authorized physician and pass some specific tests (for example blood tests and X-Rays exams) and also, you may need to show your vaccination chart.

An statement of support is a form that a sponsor files on your behalf when you are applying for a green card or immigrant visa. It is required for most but not all categories of immigrants before they can become a permanent resident of the United States. The purpose of the form is to show that you have the financial means to live in the United States without needing welfare or financial benefits from the U.S. government. Determine if you need an Affidavit of Support.

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A public charge means when a person expect on money from the U.S. government to support themselves. Most immigrants need demonstrate that they won’t get a public charge in order to get a green card. You can show your money bank account which will prove your financial independence.

Your age is a signal of whether you are eligible for a green card as a “child”. The Child Status Protection Act, often referred to as CSPA, allows certain children who have aged out (become 21 years or older) after an immigrant petition has been filed to still be eligible for a green card through their parents.

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