Green Card Lottery

Green Card Green Card Lottery

United States of America always was and be a dream country for many people around the globe. Some people dream to move there and they do so. There are some ways to get to the country such as job offer, traveling or getting a citizenship through special types of visas for families. There is also one more way to get your citizenship in America. It is a green card lottery program.

The Green Card is an unlimited residence permit for work and living in the United States of America. Green Card holders can emigrate to the USA and stay there as long as they want. This unlimited visa was first shown in the 1940s and it was called “Alien Registration Receipt Card”.

It didn’t look green at all for that time. The first of these credit card sized IDs had green writing and a greenish photo. The definition of “Green Card” was thus coined and it quickly became the common name.

In the meanwhile, the Green Card has changed its color several times. For a while, the card was even pink and starting in 1999 the light green shade once again became in use. More than 10 million foreigners are currently living in the USA on a Green Card.

America proud to be the country of immigrants. Many of them became famous politicians, engineers, scientist or doctors. The United States became a homeland for many talented people. There are so many possibilities for your further life and career.

Also, America is famous for its colleges and universities. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the best Ivy League college students! The lottery says “Try me!”. And you definitely should. Maybe you will be a lucky one and next year you will be walking down the American streets with the most spectacular views all around. This is your choice to change your life forever.

Everyone who ever thought about moving to the USA had a lot of questions about this not very easy process. People always searching an easy way to get over hard situations. And it is good. For such situation as getting a Green card as a permanent resident, the Government of America created a Lottery. It is a way to try your luck and fate. Simply saying it is your chance to win a citizenship. The green card lottery similar to other lotteries all over the world since it has been invented. But the prize is your American dream which is guaranteed by the law of America.

The history of the lottery

The average amount of winning green card per year — 55 000 for the people around the Globe. Each year the quote for the countries changes and there are several exceptions for some countries exist.

All the selectees who take their chance to win a green card selecting randomly from the computer-generated list of application numbers. Numbers are unique for each person who participates the green card lottery program.

All the winners have issued a United States green card, authorizing them and members of their families to live, study and work in the USA. Of course, the green card lottery program is the easiest way to become a citizen of US, so try your luck to be able to be one of the winners.

This lottery program was created in 1996 by signing the Immigration Act. This means that America needed to give some more opportunities to nationalities from different countries so States could get some useful income from different natives. Green card lottery program aims to diversify the American population by creating immigration opportunity for low-represented ethnic groups.

At the official web resource of Diversity green card lottery you can find the information about previous years of the lottery.

It is also available to check the confirmation number of you as a participant. Remember about the alert warnings. There is only one official site which provides governmental right to roll the lottery.

The lottery application is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any amount of money for registration there. However, if you win the lottery you may need to pay some official fees as a winner to complete the registration.

Nowadays, there a lot of fake web services which propose to help you with the registration at the US green card lottery. If you not able to fill the data correctly don’t hurry up with the help of such services via the Internet.

Since 1990 till 2005 all the winners of the US Green card lottery were notified about their winner by mail. But since 2010 all the participants can check their status online.

However, only winners were notified via mail till 2011. And since 2012 there is the only one way to get the information about your entry status is the online system checking your personal unique confirmation number.

The history of the lottery

Green Card Lottery requirements

There are few simple eligibility criteria for registering for the US green card lottery application program. Go to the and first of all, check if you are eligible to enter the lottery and start to type your data in the required fields.

To be eligible for US green card lottery program, a person has to be born in a qualified country. In some cases, the applicant may use a parent's or spouse's country of birth instead. The country of residence or nationality is irrelevant.

In addition, the person applying for the green card lottery must either have a high school education or 2 years of work experience in a required field. Also, to enter the lottery game you will need to be ready to fill the data (date of birth, full name, etc.) and upload a photograph with special rules as of size, color, and depth of resolution.

Once you filled all the data which has to be correct and checked, you will get a special serial number for your entry.

US green card lottery application winners don’t have to be sponsored by a family member or an employer. The process for obtaining a US green card through the US green card application program is generally the quickest and easiest way to obtain a US green card.

But not everyone has a luck to win it on the first try. Sometimes, it takes several years of participation to win or do not. So, remember about other ways to get the green card.


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