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As one of the steps in getting your green card visa processes done, there is one very important step among others. It is a medical examination of you. Medical examinations in the United States are typically required for adjustment of status cases (Form I-485), and may also be required for requests for “V” nonimmigrant status (Form I-539).

If you are in the United States then the immigration medical exam must be conducted by a physician designated by USCIS (also known as a “civil surgeon”). To find an approved doctor near you or call our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

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If you are abroad then the immigration medical exam must be conducted by a physician designated by the U.S. Department of State (also known as a “panel physician”). See the Department of State website to find an approved doctor near you.

Applying for a green card of any type you need to understand one simple thing. Your health is very important and the government of America has really clear rules about visas politics in this sense.

The medical examination must be conducted by a USCIS designated civil surgeon. You can find one of them by dialing the National Customer Service Center or online. They are licensed and well-experienced doctors who receive special immigration oriented medical training and policy updates. A medical examination performed by a doctor not approved by USCIS won’t be accepted.

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Results of the medical examinations are reported in the specific form which is I-693. These results are valid for one year since they were done for a person before you file the form I-485. After you were done with the filing the form I-485 the results of your medical exams are valid forever as long as I-485 form pending. Otherwise, the medical examination can be done well in advance.

The medical examination is required to establish that you are not inadmissible to the United States on public health grounds. The results of your medical examination are confidential and no one won’t ever know what is in the envelope with your data in it. These data use only for immigration purposes. When required to do so, the civil surgeon can share your results with public health authorities only by law.

Persons who are applying for a green card visa with I-485 form of medical examination on continuous residence since 1st of January of 1972 do not need to undergo the medical exams at all.

Individuals who live abroad but applying for a permanent residency in the United States must pass the medical examination but don’t need to show the vaccination chart.

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There are requirements of the medical examination:

  1. Physical examination required for every one of any age applicants. This step consists of checking your general health like blood pressure, eyes, ears, elbows, and knees. Also, the temperature will be checked as well. You also will be asked by a doctor to show your genitals and a mental status evaluation is required as well.
  2. Tuberculin skin test. All applicants age two and older must pass the tuberculin skin test.
  3. The serologic blood test also required. All the applicant age 15 and older must pass this test. This blood test will show the HIV status, syphilis and etc.
  4. Vaccination chart. For every special applicant case, there are specific rules for the vaccination chart. It depends on a country where the applicant lives.

Sometimes, there are cases when the applicant (woman) is already pregnant on the processing time of getting the green card. The X-Rays test and etc. are required as well for such cases too. Such women need to have an additional consultation with the gynecologist about further vaccinations.

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There are also the cases when the applicant has a drug addiction. The physician will notify the applicant for further treatment.

As a conclusion, you need to understand that every case is unique. And the results depend on what diseases as chronical you had before the examination. Such health problems as AIDS, HIV can become a serious problem on the way of getting a green card and as well status of permanent resident of the United States of America.

Medical Examination Fees

USCIS does not regulate the fees charged by civil surgeons for the completion of a medical examination. Pricing varies by every country and every physician who will be providing the examination.

You need to complete the medical forms as well too.

Print out and bring the most recent version of Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, to your medical exam appointment: Fill out Part 1 of Form I-693 but do not sign until the civil surgeon instructs you to do so. The civil surgeon will use Form I-693 to document the results of your medical exam.

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The designated civil surgeon will complete, sign and seal Form I-693 and any supporting documents in an envelope. You must submit the sealed envelope to USCIS as directed in the Form I-693 instructions.

It is highly important you to understand not to break the seal or open this envelope. USCIS will not accept Form I-693 if it is not in a sealed envelope or if the envelope is altered in any way.

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  1. I appreciate how you mentioned that medical examinations required for immigrants to the United States are beneficial in that they establish that you are healthy and able to be admitted to the country on the grounds of public health. My friend is thinking of getting his green card and moving to the country. I’m sure he’d really benefit from finding a doctor who can competently provide the necessary medical examinations to help facilitate his entry into the country. Thank you for the information.


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