Green Card US Visa Extraordinary Ability (O Visa)

Extraordinary Ability (O Visa)

O Visa

The American visa type “O” is created for people with outstanding abilities in business, science, art, education or sports, as well as for those who have shown outstanding achievements in film and television industry. O-visa allows these people to work in America according to the profile, the talent in which they have.

Individuals with unique and outstanding abilities can obtain the O-1 visa, be it a cook or a hairdresser, an athlete or a well-known person with TV. If you are talented and unique – for you, it is just a great way to immigrate.

The main applicant receives an O-1 visa, his assistants and assistants are O-2, the spouse and children are O-3.

Bonuses given by the O-1 visa

  • It is not important to have a diploma of higher education;
  • Do your visa at any time;
  • Your family can go with you (husband/wife and children), but they will not be able to work;
  • The number of issued visas is not limited by quotas;
  • You are not tied to one employer, you can change jobs;
  • Unlimited number of check-out / check-out;
  • The visa is extended as many times as necessary;
  • In two years you can apply for a Green Card;
  • You can enroll in any educational institution in the United States.

Categories of visa type “O”

Visa type O can be of the following types:


O-1 can be of two types:

  • For an O-1A visa, individuals who are outstanding scientists, athletes, educators or businessmen may apply;
  • O-1B can only get those people who have reached heights in different areas of art.


Persons accompanying people with an O-1 visa, for example, assistants can only obtain a visa of type O-2. Such people are, you might say, an obligatory part if you get an O-1 visa. Assistants must have such key qualities that no hired worker who is a US citizen can replace.


The O-3 visa is issued to families (spouses and children under 21 years) of persons who have received O-1 and O-2 visas. Thus, it turns out that even the accompanying personnel can take with them, relatives.

Requirements for obtaining a visa

to get an O-1 visa you need to have some outstanding abilities that will distinguish you from other people.

In general, as you already understood, to get an O-1 visa you need to have some outstanding abilities that will distinguish you from other people. You must enter at least three of the following categories:

  1. Presence of international and national awards and prizes. If you previously received the Golden Globe or the Nobel Prize, you can immediately get a visa.
  2. Participate in the activities of organizations that unite groups of outstanding people
  3. There must be publications in the media about you and your unique abilities
  4. It is necessary to be an expert when evaluating prof. activities of other persons. For example, be a judge or be a member of the jury, evaluating the efforts of other people
  5. There must be documentary evidence that you have contributed to the development of culture, science, etc., based on your uniqueness
  6. The presence of copyright publications
  7. Holding of individual exhibitions, shows, seminars, etc
  8. Be a leader in a large company or organization. For example, to be the president of the Society for the Protection of Journalists
  9. A lot of money because of your activities
  10. Your work and efforts should bring good commercial success

For example, if you are a developer or designer, and the application you worked on has taken in TOP APP Store or Google Play, consider you already have an international award.

To get into the category number 2 – “Participate in the activities of organizations that unite groups of outstanding people”, it is enough to have an account on Dribble.

It is not necessary to have publications only in the press. Also, suitable publications on Internet sites and blogs.

Terms of stay and visa renewal status

Visa O-1 is issued for 3 years. It can be extended as many times as you like – every time for 1 year and so until the end of life you can extend your visa. Nevertheless, why do this, if two years later you can already do the registration of Green Card.

To maintain the status of the application for renewal must be filed before the expiration of the O-visa.

If the application is submitted in a timely manner, a person with an O-visa can continue to work in the United States and receive a salary within 240 days after the expiry date of his O-visa. If approval of the extension from the USCIS does not come, the employer will file an extended petition to establish the human right to continue working in the US.

If the extended petition is approved by the USCIS, a person who has traveled outside the US may have to go through an interview at the US consulate of his country to obtain a new O-visa before he has the right to re-enter the United States.

Change of employer

If a person who has an O-visa decides to work in the United States not on the employer who submitted a petition to him, but on the other, this new employer must file with the USCIS another petition that notifies the US government of a job change for a person with an O-visa. Usually, it is required to do this in advance, so that by the time you switch to a new job, you already have the approval of this petition to change your place of employment.

Cessation of work in the US

Once a person who has an O-visa decides to stop working in the US and return to his country, his O-status ceases to function. However, the O-visa validity period does not automatically close. Therefore, it is necessary to notify your employer of your decision so that he submits a corresponding application to the USCIS.

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