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EB1A Visa for alien with extraordinary abilities


Have you achieved significant success in your business? For example, maybe you developed a new technology that will greatly effect on your industry and has already been able to attract a significant amount of investment for its commercial launch. Or your project was widely covered in the media and won several awards. Or, perhaps, as a result of your success, the media often turns to you for expert opinions on developments in your field, and heavyweights in the industry – for consultations on ongoing projects.

If any of this approval above describe you, and now you would like to try your destiny at American soil, you can qualify for an EB-1visa.

The EB1A visa in the US is create for foreigners with extraordinary talent in science, art, education, business, sports. These category representative foreigners in US immigration legislation is the category of the first preference, since professionals of this category belong to professionals of the highest qualification. This means that EB1A visas for people with extraordinary abilities are given only to aliens who are special, rarely encountered professionals in their area of activity, not only with the overwhelming number of colleagues in their home country, but also with their American counterparts in the US labor market.

What makes aliens apply for an EB1A visa for people with extraordinary abilities? First of all, the USA is a leader country in world science, education, business, art and sports, creating the best terms for the development of these and other spheres of human activity. This approach in the US is especially rare for undeveloped countries, where such favorable conditions are absent, there is no proper evaluation of the work of unique professionals and effective application of the results of their work. It is known that life is given only once, and no one has a chance to “reboot” in the next life. For this reason, many alien, figure out that they will not be able to realize their amazing unique opportunities in their homeland, are making efforts to obtain an EB1A visa for persons with extraordinary talent.

Immigrant visa EV-1 allows people with special abilities in the sphere of science, art, education, business or sports to apply for permanent residence in the USA. At the same time, your achievements should be widely famous at the national or international level, or should be supported by appropriate documentation in a particular sphere.

The EB-1 extraordinary ability green card immigration visa privilege:

  • permanent residence in the United States
  • work in the USA;
  • study in US;
  • no-limit of visas term;
  • do not go through the process of obtaining an employment certificate;
  • freely enter and leave the US;
  • apply for a visa for the husband/wife and children younger than age of 21;
  • exist opportunity to apply to Green card after one-year residence in US.

Qualification for EB-1 visa

EB-1(A) visa type for those foreign citizens possessing extraordinary abilities in the sphere of science, art, education, business or sport:

  • does not require an invitation to work;
  • you must be qualified in 3 of the 10 criteria below, or provide proof of a single significant achievement (the Pulitzer Prize, Oscar, Olympic medal ect.);

EB-1(B) visa type for those who being outstanding teachers or researchers:

  • You must provide proof of the international recognition of your outstanding achievements in a particular sphere of science;
  • You must have at least 3 years of teaching or research experience in this sphere of science;
  • You must travel to the United States to continue working as a teacher or researcher in a comparable position at a university or other higher education institution;
  • You must provide documents on 2 out of 10 criteria below and an invitation to work from an employer in the United States.

Category B-1 (C) create for managers and businessman who will be transferred to work in a branch of an enterprise in the US:

  • You must work for this company outside the US for one year for a period of 3 years before registration a petition, and the reason of your arrival in the US suppose be to continue working for this company;
  • Outside the United States, you must work as a leader in the same company, its subsidiary or subsidiary;
  • The hirer who submits a petition to you should be an American employer;
  • Your future employer must be in business more than for 1 year as a subsidiary, branch or the same corporation (or an enterprise of another organizational form) that has employed you abroad.

Special note

Extraordinary human abilities list of profession which were approving by the immigration service as satisfying the requirements of the EB-1A visa:

  • Medicine: cardiologist (cardio studies in pediatrics)
  • Science: Biophysicist (expert in radiation), nano-technologist, market research specialist
  • Art: acrobat (composition Cirque de Soleil), blues musician, violinist, photographer
  • Business: journalist, distributor of rare types of wine
  • Sport: judo coach, hockey player, runner, swimming coach (for people with disabilities)

Criteria for EB-1

In list below standards requirements, with a minimum 3 of them you must fit:

  • the existence of national or international reward for outstanding ability;
  • membership in associations for entry into which it is necessary to have outstanding achievements in a certain sphere;
  • printed materials about applicant, published in professional or trade publications, or other mainline sources of the mass media;
  • confirmation that you acted as a judge individually or as part of a judicial committee;
  • confirmation of your significant contribution to the sphere of science, education, sports, art or business;
  • proof that you are the author of scientific articles published in professional or trade publications or other mass media;
  • proof that your works were presented at exhibitions or shows;
  • the performance of a leading or leading role in well-deserved organizations;
  • high wages or high remuneration of a different kind, significant compared with the average level in this sphere;
  • high salary in your sphere. As a rule, that your salary should be high compared to the salary of others employee in the same sphere of activity.
  • commercial success in the performing arts;

What kind of prove need for alien with extraordinary ability

In contrast of other applicants for immigrant visa, documents for participation in the program EB1A work visa in the US are submitted and sphere by the applicant himself, including a petition-form 1-140. This is due to the fact that the EB1A working visa in the US for such applicants does not require a job offer from the employer in the US.

Never the less as a basic rule, it is advisable to submit to the immigration service as an attachment a letter from the prospective US employer or documentary evidence that the EB1A work visa participant in the US conducted a preliminary job search in the USA, taking into account his high professional achievements. The EB1A working visa in the US does not require a work permit from the US Department of Labor – labor certification.

Mails with recommendation from professional in the field of the applicant’s activities are one of the most important components of the application for the EB-1 program. These letters should convincingly demonstrate the full significance of the applicant’s achievements in the sphere of his activities, and should also describe the applicant’s investment to this field; all received awards, publications, presentations or other works; reviews or any other achievements that proven that the applicant is eligible for EB-1.

Mails of recommendation must be written by professional or holders of a scientific degree in the sector of the applicant’s activities. Usually, applicants turn to their former professors, employees, employees and specialists, whom they met at conferences. Any person who is familiar with the kind of activity of the applicant and who has experience in his sector of activity can write a letter of recommendation.

Step and time term for apply extraordinary ability visa EB1

Steps Tasks Time term
1 step Demonstration and laws analyst of potential apply, on resulting with a process of potential success 12-20 days
2 step Collect package of necessary documents , which demonstrate, extraordinary talent, and great success in sphere of applicant activities 2-4 weeks
3 step
  • Translations all document from native language into English;
  • Preparation for all copies;
  • Preparation of a package of necessary forms and documents for submission to the Immigration Service (including a petition for a work permit and a petition for a Green Card)
1-2 weeks

Visas of categories EB-1 and EB-2 allow you to request a green card immediately after entering the country or after receiving it inside the country (the exception case is the citizens of India and China, for whom fitted waiting period), but our advice – waiting at least one month.

While the EB visas of other categories form a queue for consideration of petitions to switch status. In addition, if the applicant is located in the United States, a petition for permanent resident status can be filed simultaneously with the filing of a petition for the EB-1 or EB-2 visa, which saves considerable time. After going through all the formal procedures (medical examination of you and your family members, interviews, fingerprinting) you will receive a cherished document by mail.

By the most approximate calculation, the immigration process in the US will take from 6 to 12 months. And the term can vary for reasons not depending on you.
Remember that when you forming a visa application, the main goal is to emphasize that you are a truly talented specialist who has influenced the development of the industry, has become an exemplar for others, not only within the city or country, but also at the international level. As more details you will tell about yourself, it would the better.

We wish you good luck in moving to the USA. If you have any question – don’t hesitate – contact to us or write a comment.

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