Green Card News Easter in American style: Trump declared «no more DACA deal»

Easter in American style: Trump declared «no more DACA deal»

no more DACA deal

On Easter morning, Donald Trump expressed his final position regarding the “dreamers”. On his Twitter page, he said that there would be no agreement on the DACA program, as illegal immigrants distract the border guards from their work.

no more daca deal

The head of state is convinced that the program of deferred actions against immigrant children is used by illegal immigrants from Mexico who “laughs at our absurd immigration laws and does nothing to stop the flow of drugs and people across the border.” He also did not forget to mention the wall.

Trump Mexican Wall
Trump Mexican Wall DACA

Bring to mind that in September 2017, US President Donald Trump canceled the decree of his predecessor Barack Obama, who in 2012 banned the deportation of immigrants who arrived in the United States under the age of 16 years.

The head of the White House is sure that the program “Dreamers” allowed to evade the US migration laws. According to some estimates, the termination of the DACA will affect about 800 thousand people.

Soon the court temporarily blocked Trump’s decision, and in early March it became known that the final verdict would be rendered no earlier than October.
Therefore, the current members of the program are protected from deportation, but the fate of new applicants is under of a big question.

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