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The cancelling of the DV Lottery and “chain migration”: what the new law is preparing

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Donald Trump, February 14, supported “Secure and Succeed” – an immigration enactment, presented by Republican Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa.

Also, Pesident asked all senators to support this bill.

“This law is aimed at 4 principles, 4 pillars: a long-term decision on DACA, the termination of “chain migration, “the abolition of the visa lottery and the protection of the borders by building a wall and closing legal loopholes,” the president said.

In California, started accepting applications for financial donate for students participating in the DACA program.

Grassley edict — changes are coming

Border security
This item provides for the allocation of $ 25 billion for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and the expansion of the State Immigration and Customs Police (ICE). Also, according to the bill, all US employers should be given the right to verify the legality of finding employees in the country through the E-Verify system.

Termination of “chain migration”
The bill should stop “chain migration” – the main way of the arrival of low-skilled workers in America.
“Chain migration” reduces the employment opportunities for Americans. In addition, a recent report by the Ministry of Justice showed that about 3 out of 4 people convicted of terrorism from 2001 to 2016 were foreigners who arrived in the United States on the basis of family ties, “the statement of the Department of Homeland Security says.

Abolition of DV Lottery
The Green Card visa lottery “threatens national security, because enemy “secret agents”, criminals and terrorists try to use it for entrance to the United States,” the enactment said.

Destiny of “DREAMER’s”
Enactment provides legal status of DACA owner, also named “DREAMERS” — it’s almost 1,8 millions of migrants, which come to the USA in childhood.

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