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Investor Immigrants

Recent Changes Affecting U.S. Investor Immigrants, Citizens and Green Card Holders

Why Investor Immigrants and Business People Are Immigrating to the USA You can fault Donald Trump for many things, but one thing that you cannot...

Asylum in the US: the new blow to migrants by Trump

The President of the US, Donald Trump, announced a new asylum plan for migrants in the States. Soon, applications for asylum can be submitted...
DV Lottery FAQ - All you need to know

FAQ: DV Lottery Green Card

The USA can be truly called a dream country for some people. More and more people nowadays wish to move to the USA, however,...

Best Place to Live In the USA For Immigrants

Best US states for immigrants Safe cities in the USA for immigrants Best places for illegal immigrants in the USA Which American city...
Green Card Lottery 2019

The DV Lottery started in October: Hurry up to take part

The results of the lottery will be announced on May 7, 2019. In the US, on October 3, begins the registration for participation in a...
In the direction of the US is moving "procession of migrants"

In the direction of the US is moving “procession of migrants”

The Mexican government sent another 500 police officers to their border with Guatemala, awaiting of the immigrants' arrival. In the direction of the southern border...
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Let it snow Christmas in the USA in 2019

Let it snow: Christmas in the USA in 2020

No matter what everyone says, but for me, Christmas is not Christmas without snow. There is nothing better than walking down the street with...

Winter Wonderland: best places to spend Christmas in the USA

Leavenworth – ideal small town for Christmas relaxation Put-in-Bay – perfect Christmas in a REALLY small town Pigeon Forge – Christmas with a...
How to create a small business in New York – life-story

The immigrant create a small baker business in New York – life-story

Be afraid to dream, dreams tend to come true. I was able to verify the truth of these words on my own life experience. Once...
Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Immigration to the US – how not to be caught by fraud

Diversity Lottery Green Card — how do fraud act Political asylum in the USA Immigration consultant vs attorney EB-5 Fraud The United States was...


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