Winter Wonderland: best places to spend Christmas in the USA

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Do you want to celebrate this Christmas different from what you’ve had so far? Do you want to get unforgettable memories and colourful photos of Christmas markets in the middle of the street? Lastly, do you want this Christmas to be special for you and your family? If yes, this article is for you and today we’ll have a look at best places to spend Christmas in the USA and you’ll hopefully find your perfect Christmas town and have your best Christmas ever in that place!

If you think that the USA is all about New York with its skyscrapers, Chicago with its theatres and Las Vegas with casinos, you’re not right. The USA is much more diverse than you can ever imagine and therefore can offer you so many other opportunities to explore while being on Christmas location. So, let’s start and find out where are the best small towns to visit for Christmas.

Leavenworth – ideal small town for Christmas relaxation

If you’ve ever been to Bavaria, you’ll get what I am talking about now. These German-style houses, amazing food, Christmas lights on the street, welcoming people and lots of attraction all around. Here, for Christmas, you will get all the same but without any extra noise or crowds of tourists (like in New York, for example).

Places to visit:

  • Nutcracker Museum. Maybe the most popular place in the 30-mile radius. This museum contains a unique collection of 6000 wooden toys (that’s almost twice as many as the citizens themselves!)
  • Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. If your dream is to have a trip to Narnia, that is the place where it is close enough to become true. The beauty of the nature accompanied by lots of snow and a sunny sky – worth spending a day of your vacation there.

MUST to do:

  • Drink a cup of mint chocolate and have a cinnamon roll in “The Gingerbread Factory” café
  • Have a fun on the dog sled

Put-in-Bay – perfect Christmas in a REALLY small town

If you ever wanted to be in a little fairy-town for Christmas, choose Put-in-Bay, OH. You will find yourself just among only 138 locals who live there and maybe two or three tourists that are aware of this place as well. However, don’t underestimate this town – even it seems quite on the outside, its nightlife is among the best on Middlewest. The food is magnificent there as well, so have a full breakfast before going to other attractions in the afternoon.

Places to visit:

  • Stonehenge Estate – this historical website is a link to the past of the island – different photos and decorations will help you to travel in time to 1800’s and give you an understanding on how people live at this place two centuries before

MUST to do:

  • Play bowling in – one of the oldest bowling clubs in the USA
  • Have a dinner at a local restaurant, not forgetting to try the best in the region cider
  • Have a talk to the local about different festivals going on now. This town is a cultural centre of Massachusetts, so there is always something there worth going to have a look.
  • Join the SLAY BELLS RING Pop-ups and SHOP that runs every weekend in December at Black Market

Pigeon Forge – Christmas with a history accent

If you aim to spend Christmas in a small town, you may also choose the one that suits your other interests apart from the beautiful landscapes. So, if you want to have everything you wish at once – a bit of history, landscapes, and entertainment – choose Pigeon Forge. This town has around 6300 people who live there every day and about 300 tourists that come there every month due to this combination above. Come too, and you will see why it is so popular among Americans themselves to go there for a vacation.

Places to visit:

  • Titanic Museum. This museum is a replica of an actual Titanic ship, even in little details like candles on the table or pictures in individual rooms. There are also wax figures of servicemen around and one part of the museum is a memorial itself – it has the desk with the names of the dead and missed on. As well, at Christmas times, there are balls and party celebrations on the ship itself, so you can feel you are one of Titanic’s passengers.
  • Dollywood theme park. Probably, not as big as Harry Potter one or Disney, but still great for most of Americans who’ve been there. This park is divided into sections where each section is a certain part from Tennessee’s history. You can travel around the park on an old-fashioned train if you wish to feel the story.

MUST to do:

  • Visit Elvis & Hollywood Legends Museum. This will give you photos with your favorite stars on a Christmas day at the relatively cheap price
  • Spend a day out at Foxfire Mountain – this camp offers many different things from hiking up to rope jumping. Why don’t have a full Christmas day out and get a warm drink afterwards?
  • Don’t miss annual Gatlinburg’s Trolley Tour Of Lights – one of the most popular Christmas events in the town

Crystal River – swimming paradise in a perfect Christmas town

Perhaps looking at crystal River at first you won’t get why it is on the list. There is none of the outstanding scenery like at Put-In-Bay or any Bavaria motives, however, Crystal River in Florida has its own attractiveness due to unique species who live around. For example, it is the only place I know where you can swim with giant manatees!

Places to visit:

  • Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park – this is a habitat of manatees, black bears. Red wolves, alligators, flamingos and many more animals living in Florida. Grab and camera and have a look yourself

MUST to do:

  • Rent a boat with a transparent bottom and have a trip around the shore to explore the marine life
  • If you are not a fan of swimming, you can simply go down the stairs to underwater observatory and get a feeling that oceanarium in New York is much more boring than this.

Solvang – have a piece of Denmark for Christmas

Have you watched Sideways? It has been filmed here! If you feel a bit homesick traveling around the USA, the best place to have a little stop at is Solvang. This village was originally Dutch and the local nowadays also try to keep the traditions and culture of the past. Most buildings you will see around are European-styled houses and windmills, and it seems like civilization hasn’t touched this place too much.

Another fact about Solvang – it is not that far off Los-Angeles, so if you decide to go for Christmas shopping, that is the best place to go.

Places to visit:

  • Paula’s Pancake House bakery, where you can try original Dutch pancakes and Belgian waffles
  • The Hans Christian Andersen Museum will amaze you with originals of the books written, especially many illustrated first editions.

MUST to do:

  • Give a try to a local wine that is famous around the whole Santa-Barbara
  • Visit a Farmer Market that comes every Wednesday to the town
  • Have a Santa visit in December on a Candlelight Tours

Jackson – small town for Christmas if you are a cowboy fan

Jackson Hole was originally populated by Native American tribes. Nowadays you can’t say for sure that it was like this in the past as only a few buildings around the Town Square are historical (the rest was modernized to a certain extent), however, you will definitely enjoy Christmas there if you like skiing, singing and climbing the mountains.

Also, Jackson was the first town in America to elect the first all-woman city government in 1920.

Places to visit:

  • Every year Belhaven University handles an event called Singing Christmas Tree. Thousands of people come from different American towns to have a look at the Belhaven Concert Choir, which features both current students and alumni alike. Make sure you know the words of most popular chorales like “O Holy Night”, and you will be welcomed.
  • Yellowstone National Park. What if supervolcano does erupt one day? A massive trouble! However, as it will hopefully never happen, for now, we can just relax and have a walk enjoying the beautiful scenery of this place. Oh, and as well, please remember that it is better not to feed bison that walk around – they are not pets!
  • If you like skiing, you will like Snow King Mountain Resort! This is one of the cheapest, but best resorts in Jackson, however, it still has some challenges on the slopes, so be careful when skiing.

MUST to do:

  • Have a pint of beer at the Cowboy bar
  • While walking around the center of the town, don’t forget to stand under the shed elk antlers arch with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand.

Have we forgotten anything? Do you have any other places to mention? Give us a shout in the comments below and tell us about your experience! If you are haven’t found what you’ve been looking for here, have a look in this article for more Christmas ideas.