Best Place to Live In the USA For Immigrants

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For the fiscal year 2020, the USA issues 50 000 Diversity Visas. Annually the United States of America admits new citizens through their Diversity Visa Lottery program, well-known as Green Card Lottery. Besides, there are Family Sponsored, Special and Employment-Based Visas issued annually, exceeding already 500000 visas a year. Along with the people going the legal route, there are those, who don’t have such opportunity and enter or stay in America without proper documents, thus automatically becoming illegal immigrants.

Without any doubt, the USA is the most popular destination worldwide for both legal and illegal aliens. At present, 25 of all American residents are first or second-generation immigrants and 8% of all the newborns in the country have at least one parent illegal immigrant.

America is actually built on immigration. However, the attitude to the foreigners here is variable and at times contradictory within the present day US residents. While some American citizens believe that immigrants strengthen the American economy, their opponents say that the aliens occupy US citizens’ working places.
There are certain immigrant-friendly states and cities in the US as well as those, which maintain against immigration policy. We are going to find out the places most favorable for the newcomers in America .

Best US states for immigrants

The non-natives living in America are most concerned about their safety and continued residency, however, these are only some aspects to care about. Different areas offer different earning, educational and homeownership opportunities for the aliens. Some parts of the country have large fellow-immigrants communities and it may become a decisive factor in the process of non-natives assimilation. The rank of the most favorable places for the immigrants below is based on a number of factors.

California can by right be called the best US state for immigrants from the point of view of the presence and wealth of foreign-born population. While the Trump administration targeted severely illegal immigration it passed a bill providing protection to the non-natives in the state. So it was even called the first “sanctuary state” of the nation.

The percentage of the non-native residents in California is 27%, the highest in the USA, on average each fifth green-card grantee is Californians.
The majority of aliens in the state are of Latin American origin or Asian about 51% and 39% correspondingly. About 80% of immigrants are working-age adults and they are as likely to be in labor force as the residents native-born, nevertheless, their median income is almost 25% less.

Alaska is the second state in our rating of the states friendly to the newcomers, though it has only around 7, 5% of the foreign-born residents. Alaska demonstrates a minimal gap in the rate of poverty between the US citizens and non-citizen settlers. From the viewpoint of unemployment, it is lower in this area for the aliens than for the natives around 3% and 6% correspondingly.

West Virginia, in spite of the fact that the state counts only 1, 5% of the non-native population these residents are quite prosperous here. It is one in three areas boasting higher median income of the immigrant households compared to that of the native-born residents. Non-native West Virginians get more college degrees than the natives and are less likely to stay unemployed.

Safe cities in the USA for immigrants

The new restrictions and the present-day immigration administration rhetoric makes the foreigners feel less welcome in the majority of the USA areas. Nevertheless, lots of US cities began reconsidering the way their police cooperates with immigration bodies and launched certain regulations, which confront the federal policy.

Such cities welcome aliens in quite a friendly way, developing special programs for them. In addition to the most welcoming states we’d like to share here a list of the most immigration friendly cities, rated for a number of key criteria, immigrant ID programs, cost of living, sanctuary city status, and minimum wage amount are among them. These cities, though having geographical diversity have certain policies and programs, which assist immigrants in their integration into the new communities, facilitate affordable lifestyles or help in protection against deportation.

San Francisco, California, has the highest ranking, with the only drawback in the cost of living in the state. It exceeds the average national level for more than 60% due to the rapidly increasing home prices and booming commercial startups along with the progress of the tech industry. Still, answering the other immigrant demands San Francisco can easily be called the paradise for the newcomers. The city ranks high in graduation from the high school figures and public transportation affordability.

Supporting the municipal ID program it has developed a progressive Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs and adjusted its strategies of cooperation with the ICE but claims itself to be and always to remain a sanctuary city.

Chicago, Illinois, is notable for initiation a ground-breaking public campaign of immigrants accepting and directing them through legal procedures and mental health care on the way to gaining permanent citizenship. The city has a municipal ID program, preserves high minimum wage and universal policies in pre-school, and “sanctuary” spheres. The cost of living in Chicago is lower than the one in San Francisco and New York, which follows it on the list.

The main drawback of this area, however, enormous rates of crime and murders, which draw the rage of the Federal Authorities to this Windy City, because the bloodshed here is attributed to the great number of illegal immigrants. Still, the city prohibits questioning of law-abiding individuals about their immigration statuses by the police.

New York, New York, takes only the third place due to the high cost of living and crumbling mass transit system, but sails past lots of other metropolises due to the overall friendliness toward newcomers. The city has the largest public ID program and restricts the cooperation between the law enforcement bodies and ICE. Besides, the city has welcoming language access policies and investment in legalservices program.

Best places for illegal immigrants in the USA

The municipalities, which limit their cooperation with the federal government in the sphere of immigration law implementation in the USA, are called “sanctuary cities”. The movement, which started in America in 1980s gains popularity nowadays due to the current Federal policy. At present, such cities protect the undocumented residents from prosecution, issue official documents for them, inform them of their rites and assist in social assimilation.

The cities, which have done the most to protect the undocumented people from deportation, are the above mentioned San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. They all reject to take part in ICE federal program and limit immigration-based custody.

The other safest places for the illegal aliens are Taos and San Miguel Counties in New Mexico. Both areas have a population slightly exceeding 30 000 people and take maximum effort in preventing ICE deportations. Though they lack official sanctuary policy, the authorities here have taken all possible steps to defend the undocumented except for prohibiting ICE notifications.

The 75 more counties across the USA also support the policies to prevent ICE deportations for earnest community members.

Which American city is better for African immigrants

At present, the best perspectives for African-Americans are opened in the South of the country. Many good jobs can be found here nowadays and it resulted in the migration of many whites, Hispanics and Africans into the area.

The cities enjoying most popularity and offering most opportunities for African Americans are:

  • Washington, DC,
  • Atlanta, Georgia,
  • Austin, Texas,
  • Baltimore, Maryland,
  • Raleigh, North Carolina,
  • San Jose, California.

Washington, having a rich supply of federal jobs, which are well-paid, is the area where African Americans get the highest median household income in the US.

Atlanta, possessing the historically black universities and having a strong middle class, has gained the title of the black US capital and became a cultural capital as well. There is strong entrepreneurship in Atlanta with about 20% African Americans working as self-employed. This proportion is the highest in the nation, and though the median household income of African immigrants here is lower, compared to the one in the D.C. area it is partly compensated with lower prices.

Atlanta and Washington are followed by Austin, Baltimore, and Raleigh. The African Americans incomes have demonstrated a rapid rise in these cities of the Sun Belt in recent years. The other areas with the highest annual household incomes of the African immigrants are San Jose the Silicon Valley capital, and Baltimore boasting a huge federal base of employment.

We have analyzed above the best American states, cities, and areas for various immigrant types. Having made up your mind about going to the US as an alien you may be sure that being resolute in achieving your American dream, you’ll always find the opportunities of living and working in this immigrants’-driven country.

To know more about immigrant opportunities, your eligibility and rights, and most importantly to find the way of staying in the USA legally read more information here.