Asylum in the US: the new blow to migrants by Trump

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The President of the US, Donald Trump, announced a new asylum plan for migrants in the States. Soon, applications for asylum can be submitted ONLY at the place of entry into America.

A new plan can be approved as early as next week. Any asylum seekers who are caught crossing the border illegally will be held in tents and will not be released until the trial.

“In accordance with this plan, foreigners will no longer get free access to the country by illegal means, submitting groundless asylum applications. We build a huge number of tents and will keep them there,” said Trump.

However, the 1965 Immigration and Citizenship Law says that any immigrant to the United States can apply for asylum, regardless of how he entered the country.

Trump called this decree which allows asylum-seekers to enter anywhere in the US, a “loophole” that works as a magnet for illegal immigration.

“The widespread abuse of our asylum system is a mockery of our immigration system,” Trump added.

As reported earlier, Trump said that the US military would not allow a caravan of migrants from Central America to enter the country.