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Affidavit of Support Household Member - general information

There are many cases where people immigrate to the United States using a family or work visa, however, they need to prove that they are financially capable of staying in America and can financially support themselves, be financially independent.

There is a special form of I-864A, which acts as a kind of agreement, which is to provide support between a particular sponsor and a member of the household.
In filing most of the family immigration applications, completing the I-864A form is obligatory. Also, there are cases where the I-864A immigration form is compulsory in the event that a person who has applied for a visa holds a part of some or all of the entire enterprise.

Form I-864A, provided by the US Immigration and Nationality Service, is provided by both the sponsor of the family and the applicant’s own side. The necessary factor is that the immigration applicant himself chooses a qualified sponsor before filing and completing the I-864A form.

The I-1864A, issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Service, is essentially a contract between two separate parties: a sponsor and a member of the household. This form, as a rule, is signed by all immigrant applicants, must submit this form, fill in it properly and sign it. The sponsor provides in the form of information about his income, which is possible in order to support the future immigrant. This is a kind of help in the various situations that a potential immigrant can get when he arrives in America, in cases where a person does not have sufficient income or other assets.

Let’s give a more realistic and understandable example: the role of the applicant is a 50-year-old woman who is now married to an immigrant. Her 25-year-old daughter is in the apartment of this 50-year-old woman and has a permanent job. A daughter who has the right and opportunity to sign an application for support for 25 years, in order to help her mother, the immigrant serves as the sponsor.

A household member is somewhat dependent on the sponsor, and the sponsor is responsible to the US government for the credibility of the provided income and assets. All this means that both the sponsor and the member of the household member are agreeing to compensation in all conditions and situations.

Who qualifies as sponsor for I-864A Form

How to understand the definition of a sponsor in accordance with Form I-864A. You need to know that your roommate, a friend or a familiar person, has no right to file and complete the I-864a form. This sponsor’s obligation can only be fulfilled by the relative of the applicant – a husband or wife, an adult child, parents or relatives living with you in one apartment or in one home. However, if this person does not live in the same house but it is your relative or another person who has certain family ties and which the sponsor legally claims as having his / her relative, respectively, has a full and complete right to sign Form I-864A.

It is also important to know that not all members of your family are ready to sign and sign such an obligation and grant you permission. A sponsor in a particular situation can also act in its own interest. Interesting detail: if a future immigrant has a stable income and, if he already is currently living in the United States of America, there are certain circumstances in which he can use his own income to sign the I-864A form.

Actions in case Intending Immigrant Can Serve as a Household Member

A potential immigrant is likely to be a member of a household if that immigrant is married or resides together in the same place as the sponsor and can also prove that his income is retained and continued even if the immigrant receives a green card. This very moment may become more problematic for immigrants who at present work not officially, without permission. An applicant who has a green card also has the right to sign the I-864A form.

It is also worth knowing that, in some specific cases where a potential immigrant is currently living in America, the person applying for it should not submit the completed I-864A form, above all. This moment is realized if the immigrant has enrolled 40 social security loans. What does it mean? This means that you need to work in the United States for about 10 years, and marrying those who have also worked for about 10 years, or otherwise, be a child under the age of 18. As a general rule, at all these points, the immigrant will need to fill out an I-864W type to submit an application.

If an immigrant wants additional information regarding certain sponsorship requirements, go to the financial support section, which contains all this information and which you must submit in order to receive a green card for your family.

Requirements of sponsorship

The sponsor must accurately calculate his current income. One of the requirements of sponsorship, on the part of the sponsor, is the fulfillment of the requirement, which understands the exact deduction of its current income. In the event that there is only 1 work from the sponsor, these calculations are even simpler.

You need to calculate the amount you earn within one year. Include a variety of bonuses or salary increases that increase your earnings each month, and accordingly, your annual earnings also increase due to these bonuses and salary increases. The current income includes the following types of income:

  • Your salary
  • Taxable percentages
  • Various dividends
  • Certain alimony
  • Money received from business activities
  • Increase your capital
  • Various tax distributions – IRA
  • Pensions
  • Revenue from renting your home or other types of premises
  • Income from unemployment compensation
  • Income from employee compensation due to invalidity
  • Various social benefits
  • Dividends

If you fill out the I-864A form yourself, you need to follow the instructions for filing in detail in accordance with the instructions provided by the Immigration and Citizenship Service.

Also, you need to know that the full amount of I-864 filled in information needs proof of your immigration status:

  • American citizenship
  • Permanent Resident status, must contain a federal tax return, which is usually submitted in one year, in some cases – filed for 3 years of activity and contains confirmation of your permanent place of residence in the United States of America.

For more information on the application for sponsorship for immigrants and the different income requirements of the sponsor, you should contact the Immigration and Citizenship office.

We hope that you have enjoyed the information you provided and this article was useful to you and you learned some new details and features in order to keep abreast of the latest changes in immigration law.

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